When I was a Teen, My Tight Little Ass got Plenty of Attention 

During this lockdown, like many people, I’ve had a lot of time to do some cleaning and organizing around the house. When I found my dusty teenage diary in the back of a closet, I became intrigued. It was from the year I graduated from high school and I knew there would be tons of juicy teen sex stories in there. I had a really hot boyfriend at the time but I refused to give up the pussy to him. I thought I technically wouldn’t lose my virginity if I just let him fuck my tight little ass. So, that’s what we did all the time in the back seat of his car. We didn’t have privacy any other place so that was our fuck-mobile. We had lots of fun in that car!

I couldn’t wait to relive all these hot memories. So, I laid on my bed just like I did when I would write in my diary and started reading through it. I flipped to the day of my high school graduation. After all the boring details about the ceremony and how happy I was to be out of that school, I got to the really good stuff. 

Dear Diary, 

After the party Tommy and I drove around for a while listening to music and then went parking like we usually do. He tried to convince me that tonight was the night he gets to fuck my pussy. But, I refused like I always do. He was a little upset but once I started sucking his big dick he forgot all about it. My jaw got sore from how long I was sucking on that big stick but I know he loves it, so I did it as long as I could. Then I begged him to fuck my tight little ass, he likes that too. It makes him hard as a rock! We steamed up the windows really good this time. I sat on his big dick and he squeezed inside my tight brown hole. Oh my god, it feels so good every time!    

Tommy has no idea that the reason I am not giving up my pussy is that I’m saving my virginity for Daddy. He wouldn’t understand how my family loves to play with each other. Daddy and I have already played around a little bit but he said he was saving popping my cherry for the perfect time. I knew that meant that no other guy was allowed inside my precious pussy until then. And I intend to stay pure for Daddy. But, that doesn’t mean that my tight little ass is off-limits. I figure my dirty little hole is just that, dirty. Daddy deserves only the best. 

Coming Home to Daddy

When Tommy dropped me off at home, I walked into the house and I was shocked that was Daddy waiting in the living room. Usually, he’s asleep by that time. My clothes and hair were all messed up from the crazy fucking we just did and Daddy knew it. I was scared, Daddy didn’t know Tommy and I had been messing around. He thought it was all innocent and I was still his sweet girl. But, as soon as he saw me, I knew my secret was out. 

He commanded me to come over to him and strip off all my clothes. He wanted to examine me and make sure I was still a virgin. I cried and told him, “Of course I am Daddy. I’m saving myself for you.” He didn’t listen and watched as I took my top off over my head then dropped my skirt to the floor. Next, I began removing my red lace bra and matching panties and I noticed a huge bulge in his pants. He picked up my panties from the floor and sniffed them. Then he got really angry, he could smell the sex on them and all over me. 

Daddy Took My Virginity

I told him, “We only do anal Daddy.” But, that didn’t help anything. “All your holes belong to me,” he said and told me to get down on all fours. He spanked me hard all over my ass, so many times I lost count. But, I have to admit, I got so wet and turned on. He seemed to like it when I moaned and screamed. Then he was suddenly pushing his huge cock deep inside my tight little ass. He told me he was going to show me how real men fuck. And I believed him, Tommy had never fucked me that good. Daddy punished my little hole and I couldn’t get enough. I cried out in pleasure and begged him for more the way I did with Tommy, but this time I meant it. I needed it faster and harder and he gave it to me.

After I came, he took his cock out of my tiny hole and entered my tight virgin pussy hard. I screamed as he popped my cherry. He didn’t take it easy on me, he pounded my little flower furiously until we both came together. I can’t wait to do it again, Daddy is the best!

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