Teen Sex Stories: I love anal sex, I love how naughty, and dirty it feels.

Teen Sex Stories: Do you like anal sex? The tightness around your cock. It is tighter than a pussy. I love anal sex, I love how naughty, and dirty it feels. When I was in my teens, I wasn’t ready to give up my virginity, but I was more than happy to offer up my tight hot ass. My boyfriend loved it. He loved to call me his dirty anal whore and fuck me over and over. Anal Sex Stories soon became one of my favorite kind of sex story.

I’d be rubbing my clit, making myself all creamy, but I wouldn’t let him have that pussy. He could lick my pussy and he did a good job of it.  I’d suck his cock and get him rock hard for my tight, brown hole. I would look him deep in the eyes and swirl my tongue all around his hard cock, deep throating it, sucking his balls. He even liked me to finger his ass as I sucked him off and he’d go wild as I massaged his prostate.

We didn’t always have privacy or a place to play, so many times we’d just be in the back seat of his car with me leaning over the front seat and him cupping my tits and fucking my ass, the whole car shaking back and forth until he’d shoot his load inside of me. I was usually rubbing my clit and it made me cum so hard as he shot his load deep inside my tight asshole. To this day, I enjoy anal. I know it’s more common now than ever before, some girls really do love taking it up the ass.

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