How I Got My Very Own Daddy To Please

I stood at the door way, my face half covered by the wall, “Daddy, are you ready for me?” I softly spoke. I saw daddy grin as I shyly approached him.

I wore a little school girl outfit. His choice of course. Whatever my daddy wants he gets. I try really hard to be a good girl for daddy. But sometimes I misbehave and he will have to bend me over his knee and spank my sweet round butt. I met my daddy one day wile shopping in the mall. He approached me and offered me something I could not refuse. He told me he could be my daddy, buy me whatever I wanted, made sure I got whatever my heart desired. I would be his spoiled little princess. As long as I kept daddies dick happy. What girl would not agree to this? Of course he had to test me out. So he helped me pick out a cute little outfit. School girl, what daddy would not love to see his princess all dressed up and ready for school. He gave me his address and when I got to his house I knocked on the door,

“Daddy! It’s me! I forgot my key! Will you let me in please!”

He came to the door and let me in. “You naughty girl? Where is your key?” He said.

“I don’t know daddy. I lost it. It must of fell out of my bag when I was on my knees giving the boys blow jobs at school.”

“That’s my good little girl.” He said as I made my way in.

I sat down on the couch. My hair was in a cute high pony tail. I figured that would be the best so I can suck his dick later without my hair getting in the way. I played the roll of a young bratty daddy’s girl. I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. Now of course this guy had porn in his DVD player already all set up.

I gasped, “Daddy! What is this…what is she doing daddy?”

“Baby girl, that is called fucking. When two people really love each other they do it to show affection toward each other.”

“Well Daddy! I really love you! Can we do that?”

He smiled, walked over to me, and started to pull down my panties. “Of course baby.”

He started to lick my clit and I kept telling him over and over that I just wanted my daddy to be happy. I could hardly hold it in so I came in his mouth. He told me that I was a very bad girl for not asking permission to cum. So he bent me over his knee and spanked my round little ass. I giggled, moaned, and told him that I was sorry! I told him that I would do anything he told me. I just wanted to be his good little girl. So he put his dick right in my face and told me to suck it. I wrapped my lips around it and asked,

“Is it like sucking on a lollypop daddy?”

“Exactly like that baby girl.”

Then he started to guide me up and down his cock. Each time forcing me down further and further. Daddy threw his head back and pulled out my pony tail. He told me that he likes when his little girl has her hair down. When his dick was nice and hard he asked me to come sit on his lap like a good little girl. He was going to show me what Daddy’s cock was really used for. He made me face the wall as I slowly sat on his lap. He guided his cock right into my pussy.

“Now, move up and down on it baby girl.”

“But daddy! It’s so big and it kind of hurts.” I moaned.

He slapped my ass and said, “Do as Daddy says! Or Daddy will have to put his cock in your other hole, and I don’t mean your mouth.”

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