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Daddy is such a perv I swear! He made me have lesbian sex with my best friend. Well, maybe made me is the wrong way of saying it. I’ve been fucking my best friend for a while, he just didn’t know about it! We’ve been having sleepovers at each other’s houses for years. Once we started getting curious about sex, we decided to experiment with each other. We are best friends after all so it made total sense. It all started out with an innocent kiss here and there. Once I felt her soft pouty lips against mine I just had to have more.

For the longest time, we told ourselves that we were just practicing so we would know what to do with boys. Eventually, though we had to admit that we were really doing it because we loved it! We started rubbing our pussies together and fingering each other. We practiced 69’ing too! OMG, the feel of her tongue on my pussy and her sweet pussy squirming on my face drove me into one orgasm after another. I totally forgot that we weren’t alone one night.

That’s how daddy found out what we really did during sleepovers.

We both started to cum really hard and he burst into the room to find out what was going on. Of course, he stood there and watched when he realized what we were doing. His dick got so hard and he said he wanted to see us have lesbian sex. I didn’t want to, but it was either that or he would wake mommy up and tell her. I didn’t want to get grounded and banned from sleepover so I agreed. It was kind of hot having daddy watch us. He even pulled his dick out and jerked off while we were eating each other out. He wanted to know how cum oral sex didn’t look that hot when mommy was sucking his dick *giggles*. He shot the biggest load watching us too.

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