Daddy Loves Breeding Slutty Girls Like ME! A Medical Roleplay.

It’s true! Daddy loves breeding slutty girls like me! But, it doesn’t stop there. He’s a maniac and as the days roll along, I started to see him as the vicious, sexual monster! But, what’s a girl to do when I’m young and unable to say three simple words, “No, Daddy. Please don’t!” Did I ever mention that Daddy is also a SURGEON? Yup. And I’ve been his patient all along. So, here’s pretty much how I remember it going down… Well, that’s before I went down. I don’t know of anyone who can resist forbidden romps downtown. Heehee.

“Oh, great! You’re awake!” I know that I”m your Daddy, but I’m also a scientist and I feel it’s my GOD given duty to re-populate the earth. there just aren’t enough babies being born compared with other generations. This has to be changed before all of humanity is wiped out. If you don’t choose to reproduce, I’ll choose for you. And if that works out, well, the sky is the limit. I could do this world-wide!” I couldn’t believe this madman was my Daddy!

So, I had found out that my Daddy loves breeding slutty girls. Girls just like me!

I could feel his hands all over my young body. And, try as I might, I couldn’t fight my slutty urges. I felt both sickened and aroused me at once. His hands crawling creepily up my outer thighs, then my inner thighs. I clenched trying to fight back with no voice. Whatever was in that injection was absolutely dreamy and I felt a thin trail ooze from my pussy.  I was so young that I didn’t even know what the feeling was. I just knew it instantly made me feel naughty as hell.

Is it possible to have slutty flashback memories of something I did not remember? Flooding through the haze of drugs and sex, I found myself fighting back dreams, or thoughts, or maybe memories of suckling at my Mother’s tit and having her place my naked pussy onto Daddy’s face. I think she was riding him, but I couldn’t actually see them connected.

And since Daddy loves breeding slutty girls, I guess it was only natural that he’d want more.

It turns out that no matter what Frankensteinish surgeries he tried on her, I was the only child she would be able to give him. So, enter the doctor with a cure for everything. The chemicals he used had the effect of causing pure arousal. My nipples stiffening for Daddy, vaginal juices flowing, and my clit was standing like a little drunk, wobbling around. I felt a bit dizzy and despite the ties at my ankles and wrists, my body tried to buck. Whatever this drug was, I wanted MORE! He lowered a machine to my pussy. At least that’s what it felt like it was aiming at. But, just as I felt my pussy would be fed, it rammed full-speed into my asshole!

My screams were drowned out by my pleasure sensors being set off! Daddy was so cool and so removed from the fact that he was experimenting – on his very own daughter! He shot me up with something else that achieved the exact opposite effect; and I felt my body come down off the first high that threatened to plunge me into the abyss of pleasure. Now, I was careening the other way as I felt my cum shot back up within my body! ‘What the fuck was this witchery’, I thought!

So cruel! There was no confusing the fact that Daddy loves breeding slutty girls like me!

As I crashed back to Earth, I witnessed Daddy shooting something into his arm and his arm had a rubbery looking tube wrapped around it as I’ve seen it in movies on t.v. His eyes rolled back and he mumbled something crazy about fathering humanity! Bah! That was Daddy. Always giving into flights of fancy and egotism. But, what I noticed next gave me pause, no matter how horny the first drug had made me. Daddy had a woody and it was a BIG ONE! I was too young to have seen any cocks before. You know, I’m only__ teen! Giggle.

Daddy’s pants grew tighter around his member until his leather belt virtually flew off of him and his pants followed suit and shredded much like that Incredible Hulk character. I knew he was fucking with some bad juju that I wanted no parts of. His cock had to be around ten inches and it hadn’t stopped growing yet! Oh, my!

I know I told you that Daddy loves breeding slutty girls, but I wasn’t a slut! At least, not yet.

I had not yet begun to beg when he thrust his over-sized manhood deep in his little girl. He filled my pussy as he had previously done to my ass and that feeling of euphoria coursed through my teenaged body. He was still mumbling his crazy father the world bullshit. But, as long as he filled my bucking and horny body with his jizz anything he craved, I’d give happily give to him.

He trusted that what I gave him and how willing I was that he summarily unleashed me. And just as he had figured, I gulped and gobbled at his stiff, warm cock and never gave up until his load land all over my face.

Turns out that Daddy loves breeding slutty girls and after that day, that’s eXXXactly what I am for him. A SLUT!

Our daily ritual includes every nasty thing that will make my Daddy squirt for me. Now, when I get ready for school, it’s always Daddy who I beg to drive me. Nothing works better for my good grades than having him finger me in the car. I’ll be homeschooling soon. My baby belly is getting bigger by the day. Mom has taken to sharing Daddy with me in ways I had never dreamed of. Stay tuned. There’s gonna be a bouncing baby story CUMming soon! Giggle. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried ageplay phone sex with me. I plan to help Daddy achieve his breeding dreams, one kid at a time!

Kiss, kiss.

JoeyDaddy Loves Breeding Slutty Girls