Forbidden romps are always on the menu for me and my boyfriend, Jeff.  And it’s alive and well in America, kiddies! Yes!  Here in the good old Red, White & Blue!  And visiting a southern specialty, sex compound is the best fucking vacation you could EVER imagine! And here’s why!  Now, stay with me.  Aside from the absolute HORRORS of the past… Some things, well, they just haven’t changed.  THANK, GOD!  One of those things is the pure LUST between men and women, men and men, men and the younger… if it’s forbidden fruit… we CRAVE it all the more!  Stay with me as we take a stroll back through time to a place where the forbidden was (and still secretly…IS) allowed.

Now, my boyfriend is a handsome BBC and we’re always all over one another.  That being said, we’re also both freaks.  And when I say freaks, I mean the freakiest, freaky shit that could cum to mind and make you shudder.  Hell, sometimes I reflect on the shit I do and sleep with a nightlight on!!! Haha.  But seriously, neither of us can get enough of Big Black Cock.  And the bigger… the BETTER!  We talked openly about our needs and made the best decision we have ever made! We were headed… ahem… down south. Giggle.  Wanna cum?

Man on man and black on white is one of the bastions for the TRUE tabooist… and we were BLACK CARD holders. I mean, when you think of how off-limits that subject remains even today… you know why so many whites, (men and women alike) crave BBC like water.  And my Baby is what you’d call a thoroughbred!  Have I mentioned this man’s ass? Oh, Man… It’s the highest, tightest, smooth, yummy, shiniest ass God ever created and it rivaled that of the Greek Gods!  (Hold on… I’m drooling.  Okay. I’m back!)  And the fact that he craves a good plunging from another man just makes him hotter still.  There was a sweet caveat… his cravings are CUMpletely vanilla.

NO!  I already TOLD you we’re freaks!  When I say vanilla, I mean… aside from women… he ONLY digs white cock. Yup!  Turns out there’s as large an audience for black men wanting to be FUCKED by white men as there are white men looking to sate a need with a walk on the black side! LOL.  I can’t blame them.  I’ve had BOTH and for different reasons, I love it all.  Well, in fairness… I simple adore COCK!  Black, White, Asian, Hispanic…damn the list is far shorter of the cock I don’t want than the ones I DO!  So, there you go! We just need our forbidden romps.

We went to one of those southern plantations were you get to act out all those filthy, sexual activities.  He checked into a bunkhouse of sorts… They hadn’t been updated much from the looks of things.  I, on the other hand, checked into my equally antiquated, but far nicer suite of rooms and took a nice hot bath.  My friend…? Oh, he was stripped naked and put to work right away.  The next time I saw him, he was wearing tattered pants and was glistening with delicious sweat!  Let the games begin!

He was bent over as I sipped my mint julep, being fanned by another group of fine black specimens. I heard the deep moans that went from pain to desire and felt my pussy tighten.  He was leaned over taking it up the ass when another man came up with his dick out and ready.  Anyway, he just LOVED playing this taboo out again and again.  He loved sneaking into the bed-chambers to fuck his white wife. But, what he loved MORE… what we’d gone all that way for, was white cock and mouths and asses.  He wanted it ALL!  Kissing, fucking and sucking!  He’d paid dearly for the privilege of sir-vicing that sweet pink meat and getting in the forbidden romps he craves so much.  Best yet, I got to not only watch, but I also got to participate! Best vacation EVER! And we came home with enough contacts to never fuck the same guys twice… unless we wanted to!

If YOU want to be part of my BBC Club and get that Naughty Sex fetish revved up… you REALLY need to call me. I’ve been places and done things that others hide from… Wanna get free?  Your personal captivity ends TODAY, Baby! Let’s have  our own forbidden romps, shall we?

Sometimes a Forbidden Romp is just what you NEED!


Aren’t You GLAD Things Are Different Now?