Daddy Likes To Play Dress Up

I remember the first time I saw my Daddy dress up and fuck himself in my Mom’s panties. My Mom was out Christmas shopping and I wanted to stay home and play in the snow with Daddy. After we played I was exhausted so after milk and cookies I laid down for a nap. About 30 minutes later I got up to use the bathroom. I had to walk past Dad and Mom’s bedroom to get to the bathroom. The door was cracked so I peeked in and saw Daddy standing in front of the mirror. His shirt was off but there was something odd about his bottom half.

I rubbed my eyes and pinched my arm to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. As my eyes adjusted it became clear that what I was seeing was my Dad in a pair of bikini cut black panties and a sexy black fishnet garter belt. He was rubbing the outside of the panties. I could tell that his cock was getting harder and harder with every brush of his hand. I didn’t know what was going on and I still sort of thought that I was dreaming.

He stood there posing and rubbing himself. I could tell that he was really enjoying what he was doing because of the look of satisfaction on his face. He felt sexy and delicate. I couldn’t stop watching. Even as he bent over in front of the mirror and waved his ass like a professional stripper. Even as he reached under the bed and pulled out a 7 inch glass cock and started to suck on it like a fucking pro. I mean, looking back on it today…my dad has some serious deep throating skills! I learned a lot that day from daddy on how to be the sexy bitch that I am today.

After sucking the dildo daddy laid on the bed and spread his legs wide open. His toes were pointed as he pulled his cock out of the panties. He drizzled lube over his dick, balls and anus hole. Then he placed the lube to the side and began to stroke his cock. He was moaning and smiling. Pure enjoyment. He continued sucking the glass dildo as he stroked his cock. Every once in a while he would slap the dildo on his face and smile.

The thick dildo pressed up against my Daddy’s asshole and slid inside of him with ease. He let out a loud moan as he began to fuck himself. Ramming the dildo deep inside of his tight hole caused his nipples to harden. Goose bumps formed all over his body and his cock stood straight up. My eyes widened as Daddy pleased himself. I wanted to turn away but, something made me stay. It was my first time being exposed to sex and Daddy was giving me an eye full. The white milky substance began leaking from his cock hole and Daddy’s thrusts became faster and faster. He came so hard that the cum shot from his cock onto his face. As the cum dripped down onto his lips he licked it up. After he came hard he got up from the bed and took a shower in the master bathroom attached to bedroom.

I dashed off to my room and got under the covers. I was trying to digest the huge chunk of reality that I had just been exposed to. Nothing had prepared me for what I had just witnessed and I was changed forever by it. Til this day I still like it when guys put on my panties and give me a little show. It reminds of that secret day when Daddy played and came right in front of my eyes.

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