Daddy Impregnates Sweet Adriana As The Ultimate Proof Of His Love

I was walking by Daddy’s bedroom and that’s when I heard them. Daddy and Mommy were having sex and they weren’t shy about it. All I could feel was jealousy. He has to only love me, and only me. I am his one true love. Daddy impregnates my fertile pussy tomorrow, that is all I could think about.

The next morning as we were having breakfast I could tell Daddy was surprised I wasn’t all over him, since Mommy had left early to work. I spoke with the truth. I told him what I had heard. He said that he had to, if he hadn’t then she would suspect he was cheating and that wouldn’t be good for us. That’s when I told him. If I was his only one then he had to prove it to me and give me what I’ve always want it from him. I want it his seed inside me.

Daddy laid me back on his bed. The same bed he had fucked Mommy the night before. Being home alone had its advantages. He took off my clothes and spread my legs wide open. There was no foreplay needed it. I was ready for him. My pussy was nice and creamy and ready for his cock. I felt the tip of his dick push inside me. All the way in. He looked at me straight in the eyes and told me how much he loved me.

When he was ready to fill me up I wrapped my legs around him and he shot his load deep in me. It was amazing! I felt his seed flood my young pussy. Daddy laid on me for a few minutes. Feeling his weight on with his cock buried in me was the best way to keep most of the cum deep in my cunt.

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