Daddy, I know you love me, and I am your little angel. I know sometimes you just have to punish me when I’ve been a bad girl.  A boy from school that I really liked text me and he asked for a sexy pic of me in just my panties. So me being really proud of my perky tits figured, why not, it was all in good fun. The next morning I rushed out the door, leaving my cell phone on the kitchen counter. Just my luck, you would be working from home when I left my phone at home today.  You picked the phone up from the counter and began to search through and you were livid. By the time I got home, the veins on your temples were throbbing and ready to burst.

You grab me putting me right across his knee, yanking down my panties and spanked my bare ass hard. I squirmed, cried and begged for mercy until you had had enough. You were so angry as you said to me, “I’m so pissed off with you right now, Mallory.”  I whimper in the wake of your fury. You say to me. “Since you are so comfortable showing off your tits, you will strip down now to your panties and walk around like that for the rest of the evening.”

 Oh Daddy, you thought you were punishing me but I am just about to turn the tables.  I found perfectly small thong and put it on, making sure to leave my bra off. I paraded around topless.  Bending over so that you could see your daughter’s perfectly round ass.

Oh I see you daddy, eying my sexy tits and trying to cover up that throbbing hard on. I made sure to bounce around a lot, pretending to dust furniture and do my chores. You keep the AC on high, which made my little nips super hard. I made sure to do lots of stretching right in front of you, giving you a great view of my perfect ass.

 I watched you rubbing at your cock and trying to adjust the raging hard on in your pants more and more. You’re so mad at me you been around the house all day not talking to me,  still giving me the silent treatment so nothing has been  said.
All of a sudden you let out a long sigh. Your thick cock standing strong and tall in the air and I knew I was forgiven. “Come here, my baby girl. Daddy’s so sorry. It’s just that you’re my little sweet thing and I get so jealous.”

I climbed onto daddy’s lap, with only my tiny thong; your cock came though my thighs.   I massaged your throbbing hard-on and my panties started getting really wet.  You put your hand in my damp panties and began strumming my little clitty, like it was one of your guitars.  My legs gaped opened as your fingers dived in and out of my tight little twat.

Your stiff cock slides my wet panties to the side and began to glide through my soaked pussy lips. Finally letting my tight cunt plunge down and grips your throbbing manhood. You moaned as I work my tight pussy on your cock. You start gripping my hip and releasing your warm cock juice in my warm fresh whole.  I cradle your cock between lips as you enjoy your orgasm.  I whisper in your ear, “I love you, daddy.”  You moan you love me right back.
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