Daddy Fucks Daughter: A New Family Tradition

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with your family. Which I did, by the way. We ate, we laughed and at night, my mom got ready to go out and Black Friday shop. In previous years I had gone with her, spending tons of hours going by stores but not this year. This year I wanted to stay with Daddy, so I did! To be honest the only reason I stayed was that days before I had realized his most searched videos on Pornhub, were, “daddy fucks daughter”. I wanted to make his fantasy a reality, and I did.

When mom left it was extremely late and Daddy had fallen asleep on the couch. I went to my room, did my hair in pigtails, just like those girls on his favorite sex videos and put on something he couldn’t resist. My tight teen pussy was soaking wet in anticipation. I wanted Daddy to fuck me! While Daddy was still asleep sitting down I climbed on top of him. While I was grinding right on his crotch Daddy woke up. Though he was surprised by seeing me, his cock got hard immediately when he saw me topless and on him.

Daddy wasted no time. He carried me to his room, where he sleeps with mommy and laid me on the bed.

Daddy was quick to get right under my skirt. He pulled my panties off and started eating my pussy. Through my moans, I could hear him say how much better I tasted than my mom. Before I knew it I was bent over and Daddy has his big hard cock deep inside me. I came so many times, even squirted right on his bed.

When my mom arrived home, full of shopping bags, I laid in my bed, full of Daddy’s thick creamy cum.

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