My roomie and friend, Hilary is super curious about Hal. He is an amazing guy and I adore him. I am not sure how I feel about sharing him but I am going to be doing that on our Daddy Dom Vacation.

He is taking us out to Vegas for a full two weeks of pleasure. We are both giddy with excitement. Of course, he is ready to be in control of two sexy college girls at once.

I have no idea what he is planning but I am open to anything with him. He is good to me. We had so much fun with the daddy dom sharing. Maybe that is why he thinks bringing Hilary will be fun.

Of course, I am totally ready to see and do Vegas on this daddy dom vacation!

Additionally, having Hilary with us will be super fun. She is much wilder than me so it will be a crazy time for us all. And, who knows what Hal is planning for our time out there.

He enjoys my naivete to things like Las Vegas and its ways. It is thrilling for him to show me the way of the world. Just like our fun in the dungeon. I trust him completely when we are down there.

It is the same on this trip. I know he wants us to have the time of our lives on our daddy dom vacation. And, will make sure we do. Even though he is this quiet guy to the world, he is so different around me.

Others see this quiet bookstore owner and I see my dom and master.

Hilary is ready for something like what he and I have. I told him that and I think that is why we are doing this trip. He knows she is a naughty slut that needs punishment too.

Just like me. We get there and our suite is incredible. First, we do some site seeing and then, grab some dinner. We see a show and then, head back to our room.

One of the bedrooms is transformed into a master’s dungeon with all the tools he needs to dominate us. Oh, what an amazing daddy-dom vacation this is going to be!

Hilary is more than ready to bow down for our playtime on this daddy-dom vacation.

Of course, he is expecting more. He tells her this is a long-term arrangement. Asking her if she is ready to become his sub as well. She is shaky with her answer but gives him a yes.

He tells me tonight, I will assist him with onboarding her. Wow, this is fantastic! Before we tie her to the bed, he says it is time for her first punishment. While he is doing that I am bringing out the tools and toys.

She is moaning loudly as his hand is connecting with her butt cheeks. I can see he is hitting her hard enough to leave his handprint. What an amazing start to our daddy-dom vacation!

I can tell she is getting turned on by the spanking.

Daddy has me come over and slide my fingers into her pussy. She is dripping wet. It is time to move forward. Oh, what fun it will be to share this experience on my phone sex chat!

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