Daddy Dom / little girl

Daddy Dom / little girl is one of my favorite things in the world! A caring Daddy Dom that will watch cartoons with me when I’m a good little girl and spank me when I’m a bad little girl. Was I a good girl? Call me princess and cuddle with me, Daddy. Was I a bad girl? Teach me a lesson that I won’t forget!

I love to be a good girl for Daddy. I do as I’m told. But I can take a spanking or anything he wants. I’ll wear skirts for him, dresses, panties, my school outfit. I want to make him very, very happy!

Daddy has a snake in his pants, I think, sometimes because when he looks at me it moves and gets bigger. I wonder if it bites. I thought about asking him if I could play with it, but I know sometimes he doesn’t like to share.

But I’d like to touch it someday.

To play with it. I don’t mind snakes. They don’t scare me. I want to feel it get bigger while I play with it. I want to see it move around because that’s how I know you’re happy.

And sometimes I like the way Daddy looks at me. The way he smiles when he sees me in my nightie. It makes me happy, but a different kind of happy. An excited kind of happy. It makes me want him close to me. Like I see him with Mommy. I want him to be that close to me, too, because I’m his princess.

Mommy makes me feel jealous sometimes because she has him all to herself. She gets to share a room and a bed with him. It’s not fair! I want Daddy all to myself. I want to cuddle in bed with him and I want his arms around me keeping me safe. Everything he does with Mommy I want him to do with me and I mean EVERYTHING!

I want to feel his hot kisses, his hands, all of him. Close. I want Daddy to show me what Mommies do and show me how to be all grown up. I want to be his good little girl. His princess. If he lets me I know I can make Daddy very happy just like Mommy does, but I can make him happier because he’ll teach me how.

Will you be my Daddy?

Will you show me what he does with Mommy? Show me how to be a big girl? Will you show me what will make you happy? Because I want to learn so badly.

Cum in my bed at night and show me what it means to be a big girl because I know I’m ready. Lay with me, please Daddy? Let me play with the snake in your pants. I promise I’ll be nice to it because you’re nice to me. I’ll do everything that you tell me to. And if I’m bad, you can punish me. Give me a chance to make you happy, happy like Mommy makes you, but happier.

Tell me what to do and I’ll do it. I promise I will. All I want is to be a good little girl for Daddy because I know I can be.

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