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Daddy daughter sex, do you want to know how I started to have sex with my daddy? One day when I was a very young teenager I was home alone with Daddy. Walking down the hallway to the bedrooms I heard a woman’s voice and I knew it wasn’t Mommy’s voice. My heart sank, was Daddy cheating? Slowly I opened the door to investigate. There was Daddy on the bed alone, he was watching lesbian porn on the tv. His hand was stroking his hard cock. Was he fantasizing about these two women while he was jacking off? Did Mommy cross his mind while he was doing this?

I was curious, I wanted to know.

I watched and could not take my eyes off of him. He was laying there so handsome stroking his big cock. I had never seen a cock that big before. Intrigued by him stroking his dick as he watched those women eat each other out I stood there as my pussy got wet.

I was too young to know what was going on with my body still, but I knew it felt good.

Because I liked this feeling I knew that I was going to keep spying on him. Every time I knew Mommy was gone and Daddy was alone in the bedroom I tried to catch a glimpse of him masturbating. I think he knew what I was doing because of the fact that he began to leave the bedroom door open a little wider each time and get a little louder. This is about the time the daddy and daughter sex began. It was a Sunday morning, about 2 years after the first time I watched him, the daddy and daughter sex started. Daddy said he was going to go in the bedroom and lay down for a little bit before Mommy came home.

I knew what he was about to do so I listened very carefully for him to start.

When I knew he was playing with himself I tiptoed down the hallway. He had the door cracked open again making it very easy for me to spy on him. Again, my pussy got so wet. Now I was older and knew more about sex. I knew that if I stuck my hand down my pants and began to rub my pussy it would feel even better.

The faster he stroked his cock the faster I rubbed my clit.

I must have not been as quiet as I thought because he noticed me standing there. Asking me what I was doing, I had no response. Daddy told me to come in there and I did. This is when I mumbled “I heard a noise” He asked me if I wanted to help him out as he grabbed my hand and put it on his dick.

He was so hard and big.

It didn’t feel like what I thought it was going to feel like. He motioned my hand to go up and down. As I did what he told me to he began to rub my pussy. I could feel how wet it was Next, he slowly put a finger inside of me as fingered me. Telling me it was so tight he squeezed another finger inside. Daddy asked me if I wanted to feel his cock inside of me, I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to but I was also scared.

He assured me it would be ok and he would go easy on me.

He undressed me and had me lay on the bed on my back. Spreading my legs he put his head there and began to lick. I felt a jolt of tingles go straight to my pussy. Oh my God, what was happening right now? Just when I thought I couldn’t handle it anymore we began to have sex.

His hard cock was thrusting in and out of my tight young virgin pussy.

It wasn’t long before he filled my pussy with his cum. It felt warm and wet as it ejaculated inside of me. Daddy told me I did really good and we can play more as long as I knew that I could not tell anyone about our daddy daughter sex because not everyone would understand.

I promised that it would be our little secret.

Daddy also told me that now that I am not a virgin any more sex is my ultimate weapon and I will be able to use it to my advantage. Daddy daughter sex is the best. Did you like my blog? Are you ready for your own incest phone sex call? if you answered yes to either one of these questions call me.

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