Conceding to daddy daughter sex was not what I had planned during my college tours.  Nevertheless, it happened and damn it was hot.  I’d been planning my college tour for weeks now.  Both of my parents work really hard, but there is no doubt they were going to make sure that I got to go visit each of my college choices.   Since I have always been a daddy’s girl, it was no big surprise that it would be my dad to take me.  I was super hyped about going to visit my top 5 choices for college.  So it was all set, my dad took a week off from work and we planned our road trip.

The week of the college tour!

All the planning and preparing had me super stoked.  I enjoyed sitting with daddy every moment I got,  discussing our plans for a road trip.  Daddy promise that he wouldn’t be lame like mom and we have the best time ever.   I just couldn’t wait.  Mom and dad took this week to finalize the plans.  Making sure that the appoints with the colleges and the hotel reservations were confirmed.  My parents were so excited about my college prospects, they beamed.   On the eve before we were to leave I heard my mom suggest that they have celebratory sex, in honor of a job well done.  It was hot that even after all those years, I could still tell how my dad turned her on.  He followed her upstairs, and I listened to them fuck, with my ear pressed to the wall.   I fingered my virgin clit until my body shook from an orgasm.  Then went to my room and slept peacefully for the remainder of the night.

The next morning my mom and dad went to pick up the rental car.  Daddy decided to go with the SUV, he had it packed and ready by the time I woke up.  We kissed mommy bye and headed on the road.   According to the navigation system, the first stop would be 7 hours away.  We drove and talked about everything from music to boys.   Being daddy’s little girl he wanted to know if I was still a virgin.  I assured him that my package remained unopened and that made him smile.   It also made the bulge in his pants grow larger, but neither of us mentioned it.

Daddy daughter sex thoughts!

We continued to chat about boys, and daddy asked if I had a favorite boy or was there a guy I like.   I thought about it and said, “I want a boy just like you, daddy!”  He looked at me and said what do you mean.   I proceeded to let him know that I wanted a man that could please me like he pleases mommy.   Should I tell him about the naughty daddy daughter sex thoughts that had been going through my mind?  Would he be mad to know that I stood outside of their door and fingered my pussy?  There was only one way to find out if daddy daughter sex was on his mind too.

Let’s find out!

So, as we drove along we continued to chat, I began to get more comfortable.  Comfortable enough to tell him about me finger banging my pussy to him fucking mom.  His dick began to grow again, so I leaned over and put my hands on it.   He was super hard.  He asked what I was doing, but I did not stop.  I just had to see that cock that made mommy cum so hard.   His hands still on the wheel, he did not resist as I pulled his thick daddy cock out of his jeans.   Damn, he was so excited that before I even began to stroke it the pre-cum leaked from his cock head.   I leaned over further and licked it from the head of his cock.   Then plunged my mouth up and down on his cock.   Daddy moaned as I sucked him until we got to the exit to the exit for the hotel.

We arrived at the hotel, Daddy could barely fit his dick back in his jeans.  Forcing his hard cock back in we got out of the car to check in to the room.  I had never ever been so turned on, taboo sex had my panties so wet I could not wait to get inside the room.

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