Daddy Daughter Incest Fantasy – It’s only a “story,” right? Or did it actually happen?¬†Either way, get ready for a wild ride!

Daddy daughter incest fantasy stories: We’ve all heard them, haven’t we? Growing up, most of us have made our parents crazy at one time or another. However, the consequences of MY misbehavior might surprise you. On the other hand, maybe it won’t! ūüėą

Bored and horny during the long holiday break, I noticed that Daddy kept stealing covert glances at my barely legal body. One night, I even saw him jerking off in the shower! As I peeked through the partially-opened door into the steamy bathroom, I heard him moaning something under the scalding spray.

Edging closer, I realized that Daddy was groaning my name!

Leaning against the tiled wall as he gripped his tantalizingly thick cock in his strong fist, he stroked rhythmically. As I watched, his muscled arm flexed and contracted as he worked his big fuckstick. Over and over again, my Daddy growled through gritted teeth like a prayer:

“Angel, Angel, fuck yes, give it to me, babygirl!”

Shocked, yet incredibly turned on, I found myself rubbing my tingling clit. Omg, my panties were utterly drenched. I couldn’t stop watching, nor could I¬†believe how intensely my little pussy was throbbing! As I watched Daddy shoot long ropes of sticky cum against the tiled wall, my own orgasm rushed over me like a blinding wave. Undetected by my father, I sucked the sweet cum-cream from my fingers as I hurried back to my bedroom and dove under the covers.

After that, I tormented Daddy at every opportunity.

Not only did I wear tummy-revealing, babydoll tops, but I also paired them with the tightest, shortest skirts I could get away with. Furthermore, I completely stopped wearing bras or even panties under my clothing whenever I knew Daddy would be around. He acted like he didn’t notice, but I’m pretty sure he was just trying to hide his reaction to his sweet daughter acting like the wicked slut I actually was.

It’s true, I just couldn’t resist teasing Daddy with my tight teen body!

For this reason, Daddy nearly ALWAYS sported an obvious boner whenever I was around. Seeing that no one else in our family seemed to notice this but me, that simply made me even more bold in my cock-teasing!

Anything suckable somehow found its way between my pouty pink lips in Daddy’s presence.

With attention to all things sweet and sticky, I discovered the fun of slowly slurping a lollipop while Daddy tried not to stare. Even better, I’d watch him squirm while I casually suckled a popsicle in and out of my mouth.

Last but not least, my favorite tease was taking long licks from the ice cream cones Daddy would buy me. Of course, I always chose something creamy and decadent! Clearly, my provocative daddy daughter incest fantasy moves were driving my father completely wild. Little did I realize, we were fast reaching the point of no return.

What would Daddy do when he couldn’t take any more of my slutty teasing?

At the breakfast table one morning, Daddy announced his plan for a short day trip to the family cabin. Since spring was approaching, he wanted to get everything ready for the awesome family summer vacation that we took every year. He announced that I would go up with him to help with the preparations.

On the one hand, having to go up there and work sounded super boring. On the other hand, I realized this was the perfect teen sex tease opportunity! The next morning, Daddy and I left bright and early for the mountains.

Paired with wedge-heeled, white calf-high boots that showed off my young legs to perfection, my snug dress tantalizingly brushed the tops of my sleek thighs encased in black tights. Due to the unseasonably warm weather, I’d braided my silky blond hair into two pigtails. Also, I knew that Daddy loved it when I wore my hair that way.

Obviously, one look was all it took. I could tell Daddy was having trouble concealing his hard-on!

Even though sex games and daddy daughter incest fantasy both drive me wild, I had NO idea of the lessons he had in store for me. About 10 minutes out of the city, Daddy pulled into a truck stop parking lot. Looking sternly at me as he pulled a small bag from under the seat, he ordered me to go into the bathroom and “use” what I found in there.

Biting my lip in equal measures of confusion and anticipation, I walked into the privacy of a bathroom stall. Peeking into the innocuous-looking plastic shopping bag, I gasped at the contents. My heart pounding, I started at the small, pink jelly butt plug and packet of lube. Included with the items was a note from Daddy:

“Dear Angel, it’s time to learn a lesson about what happens when cock-teasing girls try to manipulate their daddies. When you return to the car, I expect the bag to be empty and the toy deep in that little bottom of yours.”

I groaned. My ass was virgin territory!

Moreover, so was my pussy! But I knew I couldn’t get out of this one. However, I’d never had anything in my tiny butthole before. The idea that the plug could somehow fall out in public had me grateful that I’d actually worn panties today!

First, I peeled down my tights, easing my peach cotton thong panties down to my knees. Then, I slathered the thick plug with the lubricant. Taking a deep breath as I bent forward, I sloooowly pushed it into my ass. Omg, what a sensation. It hurt and felt good at the same time. I’d never experienced anything like it!

Tight bottom stuffed full, my cotton-candy pussy immediately creamed with excitement.

Throbbing and my face on fire, I wondered how I could possibly walk through the crowded truck stop restaurant back to the car. Indeed, would everyone know? Somehow, I casually retraced my steps back to the car.

Eyes glinting, Daddy asked, “Are we ready to go, kitten?”

Stifling a moan, I softly responded with “Yes, Daddy.” Can you guess what happened next?

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