Daddy daughter fun

The last thing I remember is getting in Daddy’s car. I had been on a trip with my girlfriends for a long weekend of partying, and he was nice enough to pick me up. The weekend had been a total blast. Starting with pre-game drinking with the girls, and then out to the clubs. We always play a game when we’re out to see how many guys we can get to make out with us on the dance floor. Guess who always wins? LOL

Of course, what we all really want is to hook up with the hottest guys there. So, when we got bored with the club, we headed back to the suite with our collection of fuckable guys. Then there were some post-club drinking games and a lot of making out. I don’t remember which or how many guys I hooked up with, but thankfully they were all gone. Then there was a mad dash to the airport, a boring flight and finally Daddy’s car.

When I saw Daddy drive up, I threw my bag in the back and got in the front seat with him. We always have a lot of fun together. Daddy daughter fun! Even though I’m 26 years old, he still calls me his Baby Girl. He handed me a bottle of water. It tasted a little weird, but I still gulped it down immediately. “He’s so thoughtful,” I remember thinking. He knows that I’m always thirsty after a weekend of partying. And I remember thinking about having to work in the morning and that hopefully I would be recovered enough to pass for a responsible professional. That’s where everything goes blank.

I was sure I had been wearing panties the night before…

It’s morning, and I don’t remember getting home, getting out of the car, or even getting into bed. When I woke up, I was sleeping on my back, which was weird. I always sleep on my stomach. And I felt really out of it, just like I felt the morning after I accidentally took an extra sleeping pill. As I laid there trying to figure out what had happened, I realized that I had some vague memories. Or were they dreams? I couldn’t tell. I felt like I was awake for it but not quite. One thing I know for sure, though, is that my panties were missing.

The first thing I remember was someone quietly opening the door and coming into the room in the dark. I wondered who it was, but I couldn’t get any words out. And I wasn’t even sure if it was real or if I was just dreaming. Whoever it was came close to the bed and just stood there looking at me. Weirdly, I wasn’t scared or worried. Mostly I was just curious. I could hear the person breathing, so he was very close.

I’m pretty sure I heard the sound of pants unzipping and then a long sigh. Whoever it was sounded very turned on and was also coming closer. Could this be daddy daughter fun? He was now so close that he was standing over me – close enough to touch me. Then, I felt a hand on my chest, pulling up my tee-shirt to expose my nice round breasts. Then that hand was cupping one of my breasts, with its thumb caressing my nipple. I felt my nipple get hard in his hand, and I think I heard him quietly moan.

Things got even more interesting – it was time for daddy daughter fun!

What he was doing felt amazing, and I didn’t want it to stop. He pinched my nipple and rolled it between his fingers. Then I felt a tongue on one of my nipples and lips sucking on it. Then I felt teeth start to nibble my very sensitive pink bud. It felt so good that I felt my clit start to tingle, and my pussy starts to drip. And then things started to get even more interesting.

He left my nipple, and I think I may have moaned in protest. It felt so good, and I wanted more. But then, I felt hands pulling my panties down and gently spreading my legs open. He must have taken my panties away when he left. I suddenly felt a tongue lick gently up and down my slit, and I heard a familiar voice moan and say, “oh God – Daddy wants his baby girl so bad…”

Daddy daughter fun

**Thank you, M, for letting me use our conversations as an inspiration for this blog post!

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