Daddy Daughter Fantasy can come true

 He hungrily devoured the sight of my c cup breasts sitting high and full, my flat stomach and the gracious curve of my hips. My pussy was trimmed into the shape of a heart and he spent many moments contemplating this.

“Dad, are you pleased?

Did I turn out to be everything you hoped for?” With a strangled groan, he uttered, “Oh God, Baby. You are so fabulously splendid. An absolute angel. I can’t take your virginity from you.” Without another word, I climbed onto the bed beside him and leaned over to kiss the tip of his cock. He realized there was no longer a choice.

My tongue slid up

and down his strong shaft and played tiny circles around and around the base. I spread his legs and knelt between them so I could look up into his face and enjoy his pleasure. Sucking and blowing like an expert, I felt his balls tighten and his rod get stiffer and harder.

Instinctively knowing that the timing was right, I raised up and straddled his body. I positioned my pussy directly above his cock, ready for him to thrust deep inside and make me a true woman. Ever so slowly, increasing his tension and anticipation,

I lowered my slit

over his shaft. I felt his head push through my wet, swollen, throbbing pussy lips. He moaned and I gasped with the new senses it was arousing in me. I watched his face flick between expressions of horror that he was about to fuck his baby girl and pure lust that he was taking the purity of someone special. His dick reached my internal barrier and with steady pressure,

I pushed down harder

onto him. I felt a flash of pain as he broke through and entered my greatest depths. Pausing for a little while, I became used to the feeling of this thick sensitive cock deep inside.

Then I started to raise and lower my hips. Gently moving into a natural rhythm, I felt him respond. I decided to give him some encouragement. “Fuck me, Dad. Fuck your little slut daughter. Cum in me and make me beg for more.”Once again, his eyes flew open in horror at the vulgar language emerging from his precious girl’s lips. But when he saw the lust and longing in my face, he knew I was honestly wanting him to give me the ride of my life.

“Baby, my darling slut.

Slam your pussy on your Dad. Grind me down, screw me hard, you little slag.” I started rocking faster and faster. We were thrusting and pulsing in perfect unison. It seemed that we were destined for this moment. Crying out and moaning, I thrashed my arms on his chest. He reached up and fondled my tits, squeezing and pulling on my tender nipples.

“Fuck me, Baby, fuck your Dad like an animal.”

“Oh god, Daddy. You hurt so good. Make me yours, root me, hump me, pump me. Oooohhhhh just fuck me hard.”

Deeper and deeper his cock thrust into my well. The juice was pouring out of my pussy as I screamed in complete ecstasy. Closer and closer we were getting to the peak of our desire. Moaning and calling out each other’s names I felt him start to explode inside me. “Babyyyyy,” he shouted.

I came in a shattering orgasm a second later. “Fuuck, Dad. Ohhh, fuck.”

Still pumping hard,

I rode his cock like a demon possessed. Wild animals driven by pure lust, we continued until my pussy had squeezed every bit of juice from his powerful dick. Panting and exhausted, I fell forward onto his chest, his cock remaining firmly in my wet pussy.

We kissed and massaged each other, unable to get enough of touching and feeling to try and believe that this was all real and not a beautiful dream.

“Thank you, Dad,”

I murmured into his ear. “That was the most sensual experience I have ever had.” Finally, we drifted off to sleep with me still lying on top of him, my head snuggled comfortably against his shoulder. We remained that way all night, his dick inside me, so that when we woke up the next morning, the memory of this night would return at once. My virgin hole felt stretched and tender in the most delicious way. I knew I would never forget this night and who knows what we would do over the coming weeks. There were so many positions and styles of lovemaking to try, that we may never get out of bed again!

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