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My first brother sister sex story started in my bedroom and my tight teen pussy. My parents were gone and I was heartbroken. Teens always love with their whole being and my boyfriend had stood me up. That is when my big Bubba came home drunk from a party and heard me crying. I was lying on the bed Bubba came straight in and sat on the bed.

He is almost 8 years older than me and a big guy. In his drunken state, he gathered me close. And I blubbered on about my broken heart when Bubba said he KNOWs what would make me feel better.

Bubba pulled me closer and slid his hand down my pants. I was so shocked but it felt so good. The feel of his masculine body against mine was incredible. My tiny body quivered as his fingers danced on my clit through my panties.

God the things his fingers did. I went into orgasmic bliss. To this day I do not know how he got my clothes off. Or when he took his clothes off. I just bask in the feelings coursing through my body.

Next thing I remember is the sight of him as he slammed his cock deep into my tiny pussy. It felt as if his cock ripped me open. I had never had such a fat cock. Then I was gone again cumming over and over as he pounded my pussy raw. His roar as he came is still my favorite memory of him.

His cum sliding down my ass cheeks was just made my pussy throb again.  I had forgotten all about my broken heart with my pussy throbbing from the hard pounding Bubba gave me.

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