My father and I have an amazing daddy-daughter BBC cuckold relationship. He is teaching me all the important things about life you don’t learn in school. Of course, Mom is helping too. My parents are great people and I can’t imagine life without them. The sex we have is spectacular. They are teaching me all their awesome skills. So, when the chance came for some Daddy-Daughter BBC Cuckold fun, I had to take it.

Since my parents are so open-minded, I know my dad is going to be on board. Of course, it may be somewhat painful to see me taking a real dick that is much larger than his but he knows there are many cocks out there bigger than his. I met Jason at a party and we hit it off immediately. He is smart, sexy, and successful. I love how tall and handsome he is and I feel like a princess around him.

He isn’t sure about this Daddy-Daughter BBC Cuckold but I convinced him it is going to be fun!

My callers love all our Taboo Phone Sex sessions. I have so many things to share with them from my real-life experiences. Incest, age, and role-play fun that will curl the toes of most people. Of course, I love the fantasies my callers bring me that we can role-play. I have no limits so they can bring me their darkest fantasy. Then, if you didn’t know, I am a sensual hypnosis expert! If you have never experienced it, now is the time.

I love my Big Black Cock calls too! There something so erotic and sexy about showing a guy how good it feels to take one up that man pussy! When he calls and is telling me his wife is a prude, I have to tell him that is not true. As he searches and then finds her big black dildo, his mind is blown with shock. Then, we go slowly until he is ready to use it on himself.

I love successful calls!

Tonight is our special night with Jason and Dad. Mom is even filming it so they can watch it for their pleasure later on. Have I mentioned how much I love my parents?! We are having our fun at Mom and Dad’s house. My mother has their bedroom as done up with a romantic feel. She is so silly. Jason is nervous but I know he will loosen up as our daddy-daughter BBC cuckold is getting started.

Dad is sitting in a big chair watching as Jason and I start making out. Slowly, we undress each other. When I pull out his huge cock, I hear my mom gasp with excitement. Even my dad is making a slight noise of shock. I immediately go to work sucking his beautiful dick. Looking over at Dad, I can tell he is getting turned on and I give him permission to pull out his dick and start masturbating.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Mom using her vibrator already.

Jason pulls me up to kiss me and then lays me down so he can eat my pussy. He spreads my legs and goes straight to it. His skills are amazing as he uses his hands to caress my legs. I am moaning and grinding against his face as he works my clit with his tongue. As he is fingering me, I am losing control and cum all over him. I hear my mom cumming for the first time tonight.

My dad is edging himself. After I have cum, Jason positions himself in between my legs so he can fuck me. His huge cock is stretching out my tight pussy and I am moaning out in pleasure. I am wet and ready for him. As he starts fucking me we build a steady momentum. Soon, he is ready to cum and I see my dad is too. Jason let’s loose filling me with his first load of the night as my dad shoots his load all over the floor of the room.

Daddy-Daughter BBC Cuckold

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