It was already past midnight and I couldn’t sleep. I kept tossing and turning till I decided to go to my parents bedroom. I grabbed my teddy bear and made my way there. I sneaked into their bedroom and started poking Daddy for him to wake up. It took him awhile but when he did he said I should go to bed because it was late. I told him I couldn’t sleep and that I want it to sleep with him. He gave in and made room me.

I climbed to the bed and laid down. Daddy was spooning me, and while I was getting comfortable wiggling around I felt his cock getting a bit hard. I didn’t mind it, it was kind of exciting since Mommy was actually sleeping right next to him. I kept pushing back on his crotch. Nice and slow till his cock was rock hard.

“This is why I didn’t want you to sleep here honey. You just got Daddy rock hard and we don’t wan’t Mommy to wake up, do we?”

He whispered in my ear as he started playing with my tiny little clit. I soon was wet and that’s when he pulled out his thick dick and told me to take off my panties.

Just like we were laying, with Mommy’s back turned away from his back and spooning me, he started pushing his cock inside my cunny. Daddy had never fucked me sideways, so it took us a bit but when he finally started pumping in and out of me easily, he had to cover my mouth so I wouldn’t make any sounds. My pussy just kept getting wetter every time his cock slid in and out of my young fertile pussy. I didn’t want him to stop till he came inside me, so I whispered to him to cum inside me just like he had came inside Mommy to have me. Just when I said it, Daddy filled me up with his warm creamy seed.

I fell asleep with Daddy’s cock still inside me.

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