Daddies baby girl gets punished.

Daddies baby girl gets punished and dominated because daddy saw her kiss a boy. One day after school Kylie was waiting for her father outside of the school. Mad At her daddy for not talking to her all day she decided that she was going to get his attention one way or another. Kylie watched as her dad pulled up knowing he hadn’t spotted her yet. So she leaned into the boy in front of her who had been asking her out for weeks knowing he would love the attention.

Looking directly at her daddy and kissed the overly enthusiastic teenage boy in front of her… knowing that daddy is all that she wanted. Feeling smug with herself she climbed in the car with a smile on her face. On the ride daddies, baby girl tried everything she could to get her daddy to wanna play but he was mad at her and she knew exactly why.

Walking through the door to there above average house Kylie asks… “why won’t you acknowledge me?” Her father replied ” you know why. Now get upstairs get undressed and wait for daddy.” As Kylie waited she began to wonder if he would ever come up. 5 min then 10 min went by before her dad appeared with his hands full. What Kylie had noticed most was the big belt and cane he had in his hands… What would that be for?

Getting on the bed daddies sweet little girl became very nervous all of a sudden maybe it was her father’s demeanor but something seemed off. So Her father blindfolded her and told her to lay still as he tied her hands above her head, all the while Kylie’s father did not say a word. Allowing his anger to flow through every movement.

Daddies baby girl gets punished.

“Turn over on your stomach” Tied to the bed she was still able to roll over, ass in the air. Daddy grabbed his belt and slapped Kylie hard right on the ass leaving a swelling red welt bright and stinging. “You know why daddy is doing this don’t you?” “No daddy…why?” she exclaimed. So He hit her again this time on the back by her shoulders leaving a red line across her back. All you could hear was Kylie’s whimpers.

After daddies baby girl was punished and dominated… So Daddy felt relieved to know his sweet baby girl knew that he owned her pussy. So Promising her daddy she would be his forever her daddy forgave her and gave her the cock she had been craving all day. Making sure she only has wet dreams about him from now on!

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