Cuddling with someone you love!

Cuddling with someone you love. His cock was still in me still pulsating inside me from his orgasm. My pussy was full of his cum and I could feel it start to drip out of me, as his cock begins to shrink. His head resting on my chest, my breath still ragged from the passionate lovemaking we just experienced together. My eyes were closed in that dazed afterglow, That high you get from a hard orgasm. His arms wrapped around my slim waist cuddling me, holding me as if he loves me.  He looked up into my honey brown eyes with dark brown almost black kind eyes. The sleepy goofy look a guy gets after he cums. His smile reached his ears, the masculine face almost smug because he knew he made me cum harder then I have ever cum before.

Cuddling with someone you love!

So His flaccid cock slipped out of my soaking wet hairless pussy. He rolled on to his side with a little groan when his cock slipped out of me, Still sensitive from his climax. I rolled on to my side we were face to face, His eyes looking deeply into mine and I couldn’t help but wonder what he could possibly be thinking with that goofy almost possessive look on his face. His fingers traced lightly across my tight stomach up between my cleavage and down my breast till he was circling my already hard nipple. He moved closer so our bodies were pressed harder together my tits pressed to his chest. His hands went to my neck and he kissed me hard and deep exploring my mouth with his tongue. He looked at me with such seriousness and said: “I love you”.

I put my head on his chest cuddling him. Then I traced my fingers along his chest and traced the outline of his pierced nipple. I looked up at him with my hand over his heart and I said: ” I love you too.”

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