What happens when a Dad fucks daughters friend just the way that she craves? Well, for starters she finds out just what the world of mature men offers. Could you imagine being pursued by that young vixen that has always caught your eye? Perhaps she checks you out at your local grocer and gives you that sexy smile every now and again. She might even lightly touch your arm when you’re by yourself telling you how lucky your wife must be. However, what makes this situation even better is that this hot phone sex babe is actually your daughters best friend.

What Starts As A Bike Ride Ends In Something More

Truly you could say it was your daughter’s fault. Of course, you knew to see her in that tight outfit was going to be a problem. However, what kind of a Daddy would turn down his Baby Girl’s sweet request. Along for the ride was the best friend who you dreamed about while masturbating to teen anal pics alone at night and another friend you had only met on two separate occasions.

The ride started off innocent enough. The four of you rode through the neighborhood headed to a community riding trail through the woods. However, it did not take you long to lock eyes with that beautiful luscious teen rump begging to have your face sandwiched between it. Truly, you will try to be good, shaking away the thought of her perky youthful tits in your mouth. However, the hard-on wants what it shouldn’t have. Then, as you try to stretch the front of your pants to cover the woody perking up she makes it glaringly obvious.

This Is How A Dad Fucks Daughters Friend Story Should Be

Looking over her shoulder she pushed out perfect ass out towards you and gives you a wink licking her lips. It is a wonder you didn’t blow right there. However, luckily you are able to pull yourself together long enough to make it home where your daughter invites them over for dinner. The night continues on as normal. The little slut taking her time to tease and arouse you right in front of your daughter and wife. Of course, you take advantage of every naughty moment adding it to your mental spank bank. After all, you never thought your grand finale would come.

However, you were unaware the wife allowed the two friends to stay the night. So, after you think everyone is settled into their normal bedtime routine you post up on your man cave couch for your own private jerk session. However, you do get your dad fucks daughters friend finish like you dream. In fact, doubled as your daughters best friend rewards you with both her and the other friend for taking her teasing all day like a pro. “Good boy,” she says as the two of them begin going down on you making you feel like a fucking champion.

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