Last week I couldn’t control myself it had been 3 weeks since my break-up with Matt. The sex was incredible with him. The one thing I missed about him the most. His fucking Dick was awesome! I nice thick eight-inch cock. His mind was amazing thinking up the different ways to take all 3 holes of mine. We even had called some Hot Fetish Phone Sex Lines. However, the cheater had to go! Not sharing Sherry’s pussy didn’t turn out well for him! After all, All he had to do is share her with me! That’s what Cybersex gets ya! Well, I guess it’s my turn then!

KIK Chatroom’s & The Cybersex To Follow

I decided to join the KIK app. It’s a chatting app where you meet all kinds of people. A smorgasbord of people chatting from their homes & jobs. They are there for all kinds of reasons. I kinda liked it. It was like going out from the safety of your home. I could meet & chat with people I didn’t know. They showed Picture & Had Cybersex. Also had “Chat Parties”. Where you would go to a bar & meet different people from the chat groups. This one party seemed cool so I decided to go. We were all meeting up at a local bar.

I arrived to find everyone friendly & glad I came. I ordered a fruity drink to get my night started Then sat down by Chad. Chad was a cute guy. Blonde hair, Tall & build. He was sitting by his wife Tara. Tara seemed cool & they announced to me in the chatroom before that they were an open couple. So I knew Chad was ready to play. As the night went on Tara got flirtier. I was kinda digging her too! She was the cute little redhead who had an incredible rack that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. We danced & drank the night away together as Chad watched us play. As the bar was closing Chad suggested we go back to their hotel room. There was no way I was turning it down. I could see Chad had an amazing cock. An I had wanted Tara all night!

The Hotel Room

I followed them to their hotel & got to their room. I was shocked they had a jacuzzi in the room. This was gonna be a fun night! Tara & I shed each other clothes kissing & teasing each other with our tongues. As Chad was running the water in the Jacuzzi. Tara & I was busy as Chris guided us to the Jacuzzi. I sat her down on the side of the tub while Working my tongue to her Sweet pussy. Tasting her sweet juices as her husband kissed her. Sliding a finger in her juice box working her cunt up. The flavor was amazing. Sweet & Tasty. The sweet taste I’ve been after all night!

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Craig laid her back as I straddled her face. Tara started teasing my clit lightly flicking her tongue over my sweet button. Both hands playing with my tits. Her Husband Licking my ass. Then both of their tongues meeting in my middle! Craig & Tara were amazing at their oral skills. As Craig was bent over licking my ass I could feel him starting to fuck Tara. Every stroke forcing her tongue up & down my clit. Her fingers Sliding deeper & deeper into my Box. The Rythme Craig kept was delightfully teasing. Not hard enough to make either of us cum but enough to make us both want to explode!

A Threesome At It’s Best

I felt Craig get faster & Faster. Pumping his cock deeper & deeper in Tara. It was getting to a pace I could not control myself. Tara’s tongue was soft & amazing. I started feeling my Cunt tighten up as I lost control. I sent a flood of sweet juices on Tara’s face. She lapped up every drop as her Husband dumped a Big load into her pussy. I hurried switched positions to dive between her legs & lick that sweet treat up! I have never been about to resist a good creampie Fun

Cum Eating Fun

I knew with Tara’s sweet juices that it would be delish. Her husband cum made it even better. I started first licking just the outside of her used cunt.  Leaving a trail of hot breath tracing behind my tongue. Just enough to tease her pussy to want to feel more. Licking the juices her & Craig left running outside her box. Then sliding a finger her cunt feeling his warm cum inside of her. Digging the creamy treat out & licking it off my finger. As I feverishly lap it up. I felt Tara start to tease up & clamp down on my face as she returned the favor. She started to Drinch my face with her cum. The sweet floor pushed Craig’s cum out. As I was catching both. It was amazing!

Tara & Craig made it easy to get over Matt. I see them quite often now. I doubt I would ever get into a relationship with just a single guy again. Why would I? I have the best of both worlds now! So thankful Matt showed me what Cybersex was all about!