Your Cunning Sexy Accomplice Is Here and Waiting!

Is there anything your cunning sexy accomplice can do for you?  Now, now there is no reason to look so shocked.  On the contrary, I’m so excited just thinking about another trip to one of our favorite places where you saw all of those sweet young ones.  I still get goosebumps remembering the last time.  We nearly got caught that day.

I’m the one who understands the urges that you still feel.  I remember when you came to me the first time and confessed your cravings for sweet little ones.  After hearing your story, we were so turned on I stripped off my thigh high boots and we fucked hard.

That day was so exciting.  First, we drove to the playground and looked for someone especially innocent.  You love the young sweet, smooth girls with cute outfits and pigtails.  It didn’t take me too long to find the girl I wanted.  She was playing in the distance by herself.

I approached her slowly and carefully!

The girl was so sweet.  She introduced herself as Annie.  Annie had long pigtails blue shorts and a white top with buttons.  I invited Annie to come to play at my house with my friend.  After all, I couldn’t leave her alone.

Nevertheless, Annie hesitated for a moment but came willingly.  I put Annie in the back seat of our car and we headed home.  The trip home was short, under five minutes.  I led Annie into the house.  Next, I offered Annie a snack and a drink that would calm her down.

It didn’t take long for the special drink to take effect.  Annie became our precious plaything.  Next, I took off all of Annie’s pretty clothes and started touching her softly between her legs.  I could see you looking at us and rubbing your cock.  Annie’s skin was so soft, her legs parted so easily.

Your cock was so hard and wet!

Next, you came up between her legs and started licking that little pussy while I played with her little candy nipples.  Her little head lay on my chest and I kissed her sweetly on her mouth.  Your tongue dipped into that little pussy as you fucked her with the tip of your tongue to get her ready.  Next, you stood up and I got your cock ready for you to fuck her.  I sucked on the head and tasted your pre-cum.  Oh, you tasted so fucking good.  You twitched in my mouth.  I could tell you were already excited.  I know you were getting so close but did not want to cum yet.  We worked so hard to bring her home together.

Finally, I parted Annie’s pussy for you to enter her.  I remember the moan that escaped your lips.  Fighting the tightness that nearly made you cream you held back pushing slowly into that tight young pussy.  Watching you nearly made me want to fuck myself.

There is still so much more to tell you.  Wouldn’t you rather share your thoughts with a cunning sexy accomplice instead of keeping those naughty thoughts secrets chiefly to yourself?  Don’t stick to similar experiences call your hot phone sex operator Stacy!


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