Cum Stash? Where Has London Hidden Her Cum?

Cum stash, huh? That sounds sexy as hell, doesn’t it? Hiding cum in places and people don’t even notice. It’s so fucking sexy when you know they’re eating your cum or smearing it all over their body.

Let’s talk about lotion for a minute. It’s creamy and white, just like cum. It’s very easy to flick my bean, cum in my hand and let it drip into the bottle. I love to mix it around, knowing it’s in there. Especially when I watch someone rub it all over their body.

Once I went to a friend’s house. I went to use the bathroom and my beautiful blue eyes lit up with such a mischievous light. They sparkled and shone as I put two of my fingers between my toned legs. Sliding them inside my pussy I rubbed my g spot. I bit my lip as I pleasured myself until my walls spasmed and my lower belly convulsed. Lifting my fingers I looked at my milky cum with a smile.

I sucked it all up and held it in my mouth. I reached for her tube of toothpaste. Grinning from ear to ear so deviously I let my cum drip into the opening of the tube. Twisting the lid back on I shook it up pretty good before putting it back.

Once I even made some delicious garlic, saucy noodles for a group of my friends. I had some of my cum saved in a shot glass. After I set aside my portion, I poured about three orgasms worth of my juicy cum into the sauce. Turns out that all of my friends, every last one of them, love the taste of my juicy cum.


Do you want to try some of my cum stash?

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