Cum Sluts Chew Gum To Satisfy Their Oral Fixation

CUM SLUTS, CUM SLUTS, CUM DUMPSTERS, & WHORES!  As a child, one of my grandmothers would make huge strides in her efforts to deter me from being a cum slut.  She literally had me scared to eat hot dogs in public, to chew gum, eat ice cream, or bananas.  My step-father’s mother told me that only tricks and tramps chew gum like a cow chewing cud.

I have an oral fixation.  When my self-esteem was not intact, I would bite up all of my pencils and fingernails.  Then I graduated to chewing gum.  One fine day, a cock was placed in my mouth and the taste I craved for years but had no clue I would love so was introduced to me.  The perfect texture too!  My first blowjob was phenomenal.  I became exactly what my grandmother attempted to deter me from with insults.  Her warnings only increased my indulgence in the starchy taste of cum.

The Texture

I am a purebred cum slut.  When access to cum has been denied, I chew gum.  Wrigley’s is classic and always will be my favorite.  Trident comes in as a close second.  There is nothing better than rolling something stringy like hoop cheese or mozzarella in your mouth that is slimy like an oyster but consistent like aloe vera gel.  That bleachy smell is what I am here for.  Too bad they do not make cum flavored gum.  I would be their best patron.

Grandmother Said

Grandmother told me to stop chewing gum like a prostitute standing on the corner in need of a John.

“Stop all that smacking your lips.  You are no camel!”

A camel sure does have some nice lips.  I would love to kiss a camel-faced guy.  Pucker up!  Let me snowball you!

Grandmother yelled:  “Keep on signaling them, men.  They gone treat you like a whore with the way you lapping on with that gum.”  Apparently, when grandmother was younger, chewing gum was an indicator that you sold pussy.  Yeah, there was a dire need for Women’s Rights, back then.

STOP! Stop it!  I said Stop all that, right now!

I would look at my grandmother as if I didn’t know she was fighting so hard against me becoming a cum slut.  All the while, grandmother was teaching me all so well how to be one.  One can no more deter a cum slut from being who they are by being brash than a sissy boy from playing in his booty.  Not all cum sluts enjoy gum.  Not do all sissy boys walk around with a butt plug in all day long in an attempt to satiate their fix for cock.

You Cum Slut

I know I am, but what are you!  That would be so rude to say, right?  Takes one to know one.  How does she know so much about giving brains/face/blowjobs and being addicted to it? I do not typically play into humiliation phone sex but I will if I get to pretend to be my grandmother and give you some sloppy joe head game.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke