I made my boyfriend swallow his own cum.

I love the taste of cum. The explosion of cum in my mouth when I’m sucking cock is like my reward for a job well done. I have told my boyfriend how much I loved it and tried to get him to try it a few times but he always fought me on the subject. I decided to trick him into it. We had a hot and heavy fuck session but he hadn’t cum yet. I decided to finish him off with my mouth.

Not only do I love the taste of a man’s cum but the flavor of my pussy mixed with his cum is one of the best! I slid my pussy off of his cock and started licking every inch of him. Up and down my tongue went from his balls to the tip of his cock. I wrapped my lips around my teeth and took him into my eager mouth. With my hand working up and down his cock with my mouth I knew I’d have him shooting his cum into my mouth in no time!

I felt his cock stiffen. Tightening my hand as well as the pace and movements of my tongue across the head of his cock I did exactly what I knew would send him over the edge. Then I tasted it. The sweet and salty mixture of his cum exploded on my tongue. I continued stroking his cock to work every drop out. On the last stroke I gripped him nice and tight around the base of his dick and pulled up, squeezing the tip to milk out every last bit.

My tongue pressed into the little slit in the head of his cock and cleaned out the rest of my reward.

Normally I would have swallowed all of his cum before giving him a kiss which is why he was okay with kissing me after. But this time I hid it in my cheek. I was going to make him taste his cum and swallow it whether he liked it or not! Moving up the bed, I moved to his mouth and gave him a kiss. When his mouth opened for me I tightened my cheek to my teeth to move his cum back onto my tongue before slipping it into his mouth.

At first he didn’t because he’s used to residual taste but when he realized I had slipped his cum into his mouth he tried to pull back. Putting my hand behind his head I held him tightly to my face and kept kissing him. I kept kissing him until I felt him swallow. Finishing our kiss I pulled back and smiled at him saying, “See it wasn’t so bad now was it?” He said, “No. Not near as bad as I thought.” Then he started laughing and said, “Fucker.” I just laughed, gave him another kiss and handed him my water to wash down the residual taste in his mouth.

Cum is just one of those things that is so much fun to try different things with! Give me a call and tell me some of the hot things you have done after finishing off! I’ll share some of my stories with you too.

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