Cum Loving Cuckold

A female classmate and a male classmate approached my new table bed. “Yes!” I thought. I was going to be eating some pussy!

Then the male classmate took out his enormous cock and put it in my hand to jerk off until it was hard. He then plunged his evening wood into my hot, wet pussy and fucked me really hard.

When they were done, I was overflowing with cum, and my face was covered in pussy juices.  Even so, the next two were ready for me.

A Tidal Wave of Cum

By the time I was finally finished with the entire line (or did the entire line finally finish me?), I was pretty exhausted. But not too exhausted to complete the final part of my revenge plot! I was going to turn my husband into a cum loving cuckold. With one massive cream pie!

When I sat up on the table, I felt a tidal wave of cum gush out of my now gaping cunt. I low-key wondered if it would ever go back to its normal size.  Naturally, the river of baby gravy flowed onto the table and down to the floor.

I knew I had about 10 loads in my ass as well, but it was flowing out a little slower. In retrospect, I really should have brought a towel. I looked around, and the bar was almost completely empty.

The small square kind

My soon-to-be cum loving cuckold husband was heading over to my table with a handful of napkins. Not surprisingly, the small square kind you find in a bar.

I knew that he had been watching from the sideline and jerking off the entire time. And I knew he hadn’t cum. His cock was still out, and I could see it was rock hard and close to busting out a huge nut himself.

His Heat Seeking Missile

He tried to push his engorged trouser snake into my floppy, overstretched pussy, but I made him stop. And I grabbed the useless pile of napkins and tossed them onto the floor.

I told him, “if you ever want to feel the inside of my snatch with that heat-seeking missile again, you’ll do everything I tell you to do.”  He only nodded vigorously, too close to ejecting his man-seed to form words. He was close to becoming my cum loving cuckold.

Clean up, do your share… 

You’re going to clean up every bit of this mess that all of those men left. On me, around me, and inside of me,” I explained. As a result, he looked around for his ridiculous napkins again. I let out a very exasperated sigh and clarified, “No! With your tongue!”

He looked shocked and a little hesitant as he surveyed the mess. I could see that he was considering refusing. But my cum loving cuckold made the right choice.

Realizing that the quicker he got to work, the sooner he could cum, he got right to work. And he did an excellent job cleaning me up inside and out. With that, my cum loving cuckold thought he was done. But I reminded him – “don’t forget the table and the floor!”

Cum Loving Cuckold – Finally!

Well, my sexy perverts. Did you guess that the story would end with a super-sized cuckold cream pie? Let me know in the comments below!

Our slutty wife finally got her revenge, it seems. But just wait until the end of the year when she and her cum loving cuckold are eagerly anticipating finding out what their baby is going to look like!

Confused about what is going on here? Head back to the beginning to find out why our slutty wife began her plot of revenge!

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