A Slutty Wife’s Revenge

It all started when my husband and I went to visit my hometown for our high school reunion. My husband, Bob, grew up there too so we both had a lot of friends there.  It would be just like old times!

When Bob and I were packing for the trip, he asked me to bring a certain dress that he loved.  It was a very tight red dress that was also very short – perfect for his slutty wife.  He also knew that it was so tight that I could not wear underwear with it – even the tiniest thong!

I’m the Hottest Wife in Town!

I’m sure that was part of the reason he loved it so much. I knew that I looked amazing in it.  I’m 5’7” with HUGE DDD titties.  And I have a great big round ass too. Bob is right when he says I’m the hottest wife in town! 

We finally made it to our hometown and checked into the nicest hotel there!  I was dripping wet, horny and ready to fuck! So was Bob and he tackled me and threw me on the bed. 

Uh Oh… I Was Ovulating Soon

He was only playing so it made me giggle hee hee. While my hot husband ripped off his slutty wife’s clothes,  I reminded him that I was ovulating soon and he absolutely needed to wear a condom. He said not to worry – he would cum all over my face instead. Then he started eating me out.  Yay! I giggled in glee.

Bob knows how much I love to have my pussy eaten.  It feels soooo good when he slurps up my pussy juices.  And he seems to like licking his slutty wife’s snatch too.  He’s really good at it and it makes me sooo wet for when he’s ready to fuck me hard!

My Hungry Dripping Pussy

 He gave me about 10 orgasms in only 15 minutes just by eating my cunt.  After that I begged him to hurry up and fuck me. He teased me a little and made me wait.  I almost wanted to cry!  I wanted his thick ten inches so bad.  Finally, he spread my legs wide open.  Then he pushed his huge man meat into my hungry dripping pussy. 

But when he entered me, he only put the tip in and made me wait some more.  I really wanted to cry then! After what seemed like forever, he thrusted super hard inside me.  I screamed in ecstasy as he pushed all the way inside his horny, slutty wife.  He then started fucking me nice and hard, just like I like it. 

Where Did That Rope Come From?

Then, to my surprise, Bob grabbed a rope from under the bed and tied my wrists to the bed frame. I hadn’t been planning an escape, but I guess he wanted to make sure I didn’t go anywhere. 

He kept that enormous phallus inside me and started playing with my big boobies and sucking on my hard, erect nipples.  It felt so good that I was going crazy!  I came again and again as his perfectly curved manhood glided over my g-spot. 

As I was cumming, he whispered in my ear, “you love it when I fuck my slutty wife’s tight, dripping pussy, don’t you?”  “Yes!” I screamed.  “Yes I do!” as I came again. 

Slutty Wife – He Never Listens to Her 

Then he reminded me that he wasn’t wearing a condom and about to cum. “Where should I cum?” he mused aloud.  I told him that he could cum on me anywhere he pleased except inside me.  But I had a sinking feeling that he wasn’t going to do what I asked. What if he made a baby inside his slutty, hot wife?

Well, my sexy perverts.  I thought I’d try something different.  Did you notice?  What did you think?  Did you like is better than my College Son Huge Cock stories?Let me know in the comments below. 

Slutty Wife

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