Cum Inside: A Cum filled Composition

I’ve said it before. I do have an impregnation fantasy. The initial breeding, feeling him cum inside me. I want to know what it’s like to feel a life force growing inside of me. Taking over my body. I’ve been so curious about being pregnant, what my body will do, how engorged different parts of me will get, how much hornier I can become.


Spread open on sheets of satin

my body displayed for him 

naked warm flesh

nipples fully erect

loins burning for his touch

My hear pounding at the sight of him

He removes his coat

Unveiling broad strong shoulders

his physique screams raw sex

his worn out jeans hang in that “oh so right” fashion

pulling his T-shirt over his head

His eyes see things in me I never wanted to share

they haunt me

I watch him lurking at the end of the bed

he never takes his eyes off of me

His belt undone  sends a jolt of excitement that gives me chills

He leaves it hang open

he grabs my foot

slowly leading it toward his mouth, he kisses


licking my big toe, and gently kissing my high arches

his tongue travels onward

now little wet kisses trail my calves

nibbling at my knees

I laugh

Every nerve I have is exposed at his touch

his scruffy face nuzzles my inner thigh

I love the feel of his 5’oclock shadow

He inhales my scent & looks through me

I pause.

His mouth is on me

Tasting my sex

he laps, and suckles

quickly bringing me to orgasm

I want HIM inside of me

Want to feel each vein in his manhood

I eagerly slide his jeans down

His body is RAW

and I am in HEAT for him

I slide further down the satin

and splay myself for him

He teases, tracing my most sacred gift

so warm against me

My eyes beg for penetration

I want to feel HIM

He enters.

He watches his members introduction

Slowly sliding in deep

My reaction is that of adoration

I never want it to stop

He recoils, and my heart breaks

for just a second

His second thrust more savage

meatier than the first

I feel it deep in my belly

I want this. So I want his Cum inside me. I want him RAW.


I demand

He slams harder and faster into me.

” I want your cum inside me”

His eyes lock into mine

“Cum inside me, fill me”

His balls slapping hard against me

our bodies performing their own beautiful song

Our Sex Rhythm

He tenses

I want it, I want his cum inside, to flood me

A river of life rushes into my fertile depth

His cum inside me

So deep inside me

Filling my womb.

We collapse and await the tie that will bind us

The mystery is so very sexy to me. That’s why Impregnation phone sex is so hot . The unknown can be so incredibly desirable.

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke