Hello son. I know you like to watch mommy when I come out of the shower. I know that seeing mommy’s shapely body gets your cock nice and hard. Don’t be ashamed. I know you can’t help but stroke your cock when you see mommy drying herself off with a towel. You dream of me. Don’t you? Of course, you do. Because mommy dreams of you. Go ahead. baby. and stroke it. Let me see how hard you get for me. And remember all I want you to do is to CUM FOR MOMMY.

That’s right stroke it nice and slow…up and down. Don’t stop just because mommy walked in your bedroom. I heard you moaning in the hallway and I followed the drippings of precum straight to your room. Don’t stop….don’t be embarrassed or ashamed. Mommy loves to see you stroke that long fat cock of yours. Would it be better if mommy stripped for you? Would you like that son? Good. Look at mommy slide off her panties and throw them in your face.

Now watch me unfasten my bra with one hand. Do you like the way mommy shakes, shakes, shakes her titties until my bra is on the floor? Oooh, you like seeing mommy’s big tits. Don’t you? How about mommy sits next to you so you can suck on my titties while you stroke your cock. You like that, don’t you?

Oh…..ooh….you make mommy’s titties feel so good.

Ooh look at that pre cum…..mmm…..mommy wants to lick it off. You don’t mind if mommy licks the head of your cock with my long wet tongue, do you? Oh, mommy loves to taste your precum. Mmm….look at that fat young cock.  Oh my, it’s getting harder now. Stroke it baby…..keep stroking it….up and down….up and down….faster….faster….oh my… are about to cum…..

Oh baby all I want you to do is to CUM FOR MOMMY. Oh….squirt that creamy cum right in mommy’s face….oh yes….let me eat….and drink….and gulp your CUM….Oh right here baby….right in mommy’s MOUTH…..oh yes…..CUM FOR MOMMY. (SQUIRT) That’s right….yum….mmm….right in mommy’s mouth. GOOD BOY. Mommy loves you.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke