Cum fetish ~ Yes I do believe I have it.

Cum fetish does not sound bad at all unless you’re born a woman in the Bible belt. Women are supposed to be virgins until the first night of our marriage bed. LOL and NOT exactly relish that. Thankfully there are ladies like me that sped the word to the other ladies of the joys of our bodies. As well as the joys found in other women, and men’s bodies. I have said it at least a hundred times but truly mean it. One of my favorite things is eating a woman’s fresh dripping cum from a man’s cock as it leaks pre-cum. Sucking her clit as he fucks her so that they BOTH feel my face, mouth, and tongue.

Do not get me wrong. There is NOTHING I love more than the feel of my pussy spasming in orgasm. While cock throbs and waves of cum erupt out of him into my pussy. My second favorite is the feel of it as the taste of him bursts in my mouth. But I am so greedy that if my lover cum’s in another woman I get upset if I am not allowed to eat it out of her.

To have a woman’s pussy splashing her cum on my face is probably tied for 3rd place. With when feeling her cum oozing between my fingers, coating my hand. I love to smear it over her breasts and lick them clean.

After a good night’s loving, I usually wind up with my own cum soaking me from nipple to knees.

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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