Getting fucked HARD started a cum fetish fantasy streak..

A cum fetish definitely caught me by surprise. See, I knew I loved getting fucked hard. Of course I love it doggystyle, getting pounded so hard and fast that I’m completely dominated for a change. I’m always such a tease, turning guys on until they just can’t control themselves, so that I can get what I really want. I love the thought of being turned into a cum dumpster for someone who’ll take complete control of me in that moment. After a while, I realized the source of all my wild fantasies was the actual cum. I loved being filled with it, covered in it, getting to lick it off myself and swallow.

The thought was intoxicating.

I love showing off like that.. I love taking a cock down my throat, teasing and licking, getting it to cum inside just so that I can show off even more and swallow. Swallowing turns guys on so much, and of course that just makes me do it more! But the real fun starts when they have the energy to go again.. and that time, I get to get even freakier. My current friends-with-benefits absolutely loves getting to cum inside. It’s his special treat. He didn’t think I’d ever do it, because I used to be so paranoid about making him wear a condom.. But, on the pill, none of it matters. I get to let him cum inside all he wants – hell, I even beg him for it.

I love the feeling, the way it drips out of me because he’s filled me up so much.. The fantasies are always flying through my head, and I always play with myself to that thought.. His cum filling and dripping out of me is the best feeling I’ve ever known.

Come play with me. 

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