Cum fetish party fun is something that I never thought I would find myself attending. Not that I am not a big fan of jizz. However, I just always pictured myself at fancier events. After all, if there is anything I love it is glitz and glamour. Although, that was not the case when I went to this event. Not only did I attend the party with 4 other men and various spectators. I was also the pretty blonde centerpiece eagerly awaiting to please all these men. I guess that is what happens when you crave cum loads.

Cum Fetish Party With A Pretty Blonde Centerpiece Slurping Up Loads

However, I did not realize that I would be the only little cum slut begging for loads. Not that I would complain. I knelt down in the middle of the boys as the approached me. Four guys began to stroke up and down the full length of their stiff hard boners. I grinned ear to ear as I looked up at them with my pretty blue eyes. As I replaced their hands with my own I teased their heads with the tip of my tongue. There was not much patience to be had though. After all, they wanted me choking on their dicks most of all.

“Spraying me with cum was no problem for any in that group sex adventure! “

So, without hesitation, a hand placed itself on the back of my head. Although I gagged as he stuffed into the back of my throat I took him like a champion. This prompted the rest of the guys to be a little rougher with their pretty fuck toy. So they fed on my energy stuffing inside any hole that was available. I was their fuck doll to do whatever they wanted. However, I only had one request. I had a cum fetish and I had to taste every one of their loads. Spraying me with cum was no problem for any in that group sex adventure!

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