Cum Fetish-Having Little Fags Have Always Made Me Get So Wet, I Love Watching Little Fag Boys Drip with Cock Juice!

I love a little faggot with a cum fetish.  I have a little slave boy who has that very affliction.  He is always so desperate for a cum-shower. Sometimes I will take him on little cum-quests.  I may take him to parties full of wealthy men who just want to mark their territory. I’ll make slave boy lay there and be used as a cum-catch.  Although, I prefer taking him somewhere deep in the woods for his cum-dump duties and that’s where our story starts…

Tarps.  They are so important for a proper cum-shot night.  I am always sure to bring plenty of them. Lots of tarps, covers, and pillows to throw over the cold dirt.  I also have a gold-plated chain, I had specially made for the particular evening. Gold looks gorgeous on tall trees, and I found a tall, beautiful tree to wrap this gold chain around.  My little slave boy has a matching gold-plated collar for this short chain to attach to.

Cum looks beautiful on gold, it was perfect for our little cum fetish club!

There is enough room on this makeshift love chamber in the woods for about 10 men and my eager little fagboy.  There are several fire pits set around for light and warmth during their intimate midnight session. Guests will begin to arrive around 9 for our meet and greet and dinner.  My cum fetish having little queer will be wearing very high-cut shorts and his collar while he is made to mingle and flirt with his masters. Then after dinner, we have drinks and move over to our entertainment area.  Chairs and tables are set around the pallet for the few who will just watch this little cum eating extravaganza.

All the men sit and drink while I attached the night’s party favor to the chain on the tree, then I sit and let the antics ensue.  Some men instantly jump up and crawl over to their little plaything.  They disrobe and take advantage of the little faggot chained to a tree.  They forced his head on their cocks, and shoved their log stiff dicks down his little throat until he choked!  I watched slave boy’s eyes twinkle while he gagged on cock after cock all night.  He was immediately forced onto his back and his legs were pushed high into the air while a man squirted lube all over his ass.

The cock-loving little queer was working hard to make all of his cum fetish fantasies come true in one night!

Other men quickly joined the fray and starting scooting close to them while they rubbed their stiff cocks.  The first man to unload on our cum catch moaned loudly while he spattered his cock juice all over the slave’s excited little face.  It wasn’t long after that the slave boy was dripping with cock juice. His ass was gaped wide open and cum was oozing out. He had men rubbing their cocks all over him and unloading onto his face.  He was in cum-fetish heaven. One man was cupping all the juice off of slave boys body and feeding it to him. Slave boy’s own cock adding to the cum puddle they were all lying in! I know this little fag will always

You must have a cum fetish!  

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