Naughty Little Girl Gets a Lesson In Cum Fetish

Quite honestly, I was not even sure what a cum fetish was before I met my boyfriend. He had always been deeper into kink than I had but I was always eager to try new things. We explored this new naughty world I found myself more and more anxious for him to cum. I didn’t understand why I would be so unbelievably aroused by someone else’s orgasm. When my daddy told me I may have a cum fetish everything got so much better.

Daddy got a few of his close friends to come over to play so I could take their messes. Four big men stood around me as my daddy sat back and watched. He almost looked proud when I moaned for him. I could feel my tight pussy dripping down my exposed thighs as the men got closer and closer to cumming. The first hot white load shot across my face and big globs dripped down my cheek. The man across from him started releasing his cum and I could feel his sticky mess drip down the small of my back and over my ass.

I fucking loved watching them give themselves to me and slip into ecstasy.

I wrapped my hands around the last two cocks and stroked them desperately. Daddy watched as I sucked his friend’s cock dry and milked the others. By the end of the night, I was red-faced and covered in yummy white loads. I had not even gotten fucked and yet I felt like I had just cum harder than I knew possible. Cum fetish or not, I think it is sexy as fuck to be covered in a man’s load and I can’t wait to take the next!


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