Cum Fetish Couple: He Came Home to See Her Covered in Cum

It is one thing to have one person in a relationship with a cum fetish, but when both do it can get really hot! I’d been a naughty cheating slut for a while and he knew it! He read lots of cheating sex stories and I knew how hot he found them so I made it a reality. He came home from work early to surprise me but he’s the one that was surprised.

I was passed out in our bed covered in loads of cum. He woke me up and asked what the fuck was going on. I asked what he meant and he said he knew I was a cheating slut but couldn’t believe I would just lay there coated in cum for him to find me. “Well, it’s not like you don’t find it hot!” I started, “You have a huge cum fetish just like I do, so what’s the fucking problem?” He tried to play it off but I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was turned on like crazy!

As he tried to argue with me I told him to shut the fuck up and do what I knew he wanted to do. “You’re lucky I passed out after being fucked by those big dicks. Or you wouldn’t have all of this yummy cum to clean up!” I told him. “Now get to fucking cleaning!” His cock was hard as a rock and tenting his pants. He got down on his knees and started licking my cum covered tits then made his way down lower. My pussy was a white sticky dripping mess.

Cum had leaked from my used hole and was dripping down my ass crack.

As his tongue found the surprise I had waiting for him he moaned loudly and eagerly lapped up the gooey mess. It turned me on even more knowing he was licking up their seed from my used cunt. He was trying to be gentle and savor it all but I wanted more. I grabbed his head and started fucking his face with my pussy, grinding my messy twat all over his face. Between the cum fetish I had and the way his face kept pressing against my clit, I started to squirt all over him. Once he was done cleaning up the huge mess I made I let him fuck my pussy.

They both had a huge cum fetish.

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