Cum eating is something that this blonde slut really takes pride in. When taking the time to check out my blogs you can tell I am hooked to slurping up cum loads. Although, when I realized I had never shared with my reader just when this obsession started I had to correct that. However, it is a wild and crazy story only for those who love naughty co-eds and group sex. It happened when my sorority was throwing a girl meat auction for charity.

There had been rumors going around that one of the rough and wild boys was going to nab me up for his own taboo desires. After all, college girls will do just about anything to help a person in need, right.  However, when I came up and it was the track coach up to bat, I breathed a sigh of relief. Surely he would only be joining the event in good fun. I accepted his bid and took pictured for the sorority charity ball letter. Then, I got into his car after the even for the anything-goes night that he purchased.

Cum Eating Treat For The Blonde Auction Meat!

After pulling up to the house surrounded by the college all boys track team I realized I was in a bit of a pickle, or 8. The boys excitedly tore me from the vehicle, a prize for a great season. I walked toward the house listening to the sounds of their drool hit the concrete behind me. Certainly, I was a treat worthy of champions indeed. Surely if I was to be considered such a prize I would be the fucking whore to make it worth their while. I turned around and backed through the door a menacing grin rising to my lips. My index finger rose up and I begged for them to come to me.

Then, without hesitation, that is what they did. Like wolves, they took after me tearing away at my clothes. I was shoved onto my knees and began instantly stroking each and every last boner. Every shade of dick you could think of was thrust towards my face and down my throat. I whimpered and moaned until their balls began to tighten up. That is one of them suggested cum eating. It would not be enough for me to drink individual loads, however. So instead it would be served to me upon a dish for a slut cum eating treat indeed.

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