A cum eating slave can entertain me.

I’m so into you showing me how dedicated you are to me. Let’s see what you got. So many guys want to be a cum eating slave. After all, what man wouldn’t want to be submissive when it comes to hot girls like me. There’s nothing I won’t do to show you and put you in your place. When it comes to teasing and denial, I’m your girl. I have such a craving for dominating and fucking guys over. It is my kryptonite for sure. Whenever I get you right where I want you, I will have you begging for mercy.

How it all began…

It’s quite a funny story because I was initially erotica and did love kinky stories, and Submissive Incest Princess content would often make my pussy wet. I’ve always thought about a cum eating slave though. Soon enough, I will get my experience with one. One day when I was deep into some hot erotica, I heard a loud thump. I went ahead and I began to follow the noise. It was my next-door neighbor, who I’ve listened to all along and is a peeping tom. At first, I was so furious as soon as the fear left my body, the fury overcame it all. I wasn’t going to let him off the hook.

Before I could gather my thoughts, he disappears. Luckily he’s not fast enough. I make my way to his house and begin to make a scene. 

Dirty perverts deserve exposure!

I begin to yell at the top of my lungs. There’s a mix of determination and anger. A million thoughts are going through my head. How can I get back at this pervert, I ask myself. Then it hits me like a ton of bricks. The light bulb turns on, and I realize I’m so ready to make this fucker a cum eating slave. If he wants pleasure, he must earn it, and once he thinks he has, I fuck him over. There’s no way he deserves me, and I will make sure he knows that very loud and clear. First and foremost, I have to toy with him a little and make him believe he gets fun with me. 

My plan will be the ultimate one.

I’m going to let him know it was a turn-on to see him be a creep. Once I do that, I will gain his trust, and then I will begin to plant my seed for our future adult chat. My naughty neighbor will go from hot and bother to a tortured cum eating slave. The faster you cooperate, the more lenient I will be. I begin to kiss him and make him believe he’s about to get lucky. Before he knows it, I begin to let him know I will let his wife know about his peeping tom ways. I can see the fear overtake him, and I know he will do anything for me to keep hush. Next, I tell him if he wants me to stay hush, he has to be a cum eating loser for me as I film him.

He has no choice to abide by my rules!

Fetish phone sex is great! My favorite fetish is blackmail.