Submissive Incest Princess will please.

As a Submissive Incest Princess, I learn how to give in to someone’s needs. First and foremost, I’m not a naturally dominant girl. I’m pretty submissive deep down. Not to mention, it took a little lesson from daddy to bring out my inner dominant side. As a matter of fact, I’m a complete Daddy’s girl and enjoy that daddy likes to be with me and I’m his favorite. Daddy begins to do a few things that make me know he wants to take things to a different level. Soon after, I begin to notice daddy is always rock hard around me. At that moment, I knew something would lead to a place that daddy would love for it to go.

What’s on his mind?

I begin to wonder as my daddy starts to grope me slyly. As time goes on, Daddy makes it clear he wants to use me and train me. At first, I’m not sure what he means, so I ask him. Daddy responds to me and tells me I’m about to be his Submissive Incest Princess. Besides, I’m old enough to assume that role, plus my older sisters have had their brush with daddy. All my sisters have had daddy show them how to be good submissive sluts for him. 

I want to be his favorite!

I’m sure daddy did have his motives for filling me in on his history with my sisters and how they have each become his Submissive Incest Princess.  In light of, the thought of them possibly delivering a good time drove me green with envy. Daddy belongs to me, and I’m his Incest Princess Brat.  Additionally, there’s nothing my older sisters can do that I can’t. I can make daddy rock hard in his pants. There’s no doubt daddy has the stiffest cock around me. I’m sure my none of my sister can drive daddy into the deepest lustful fantasies. 

Daddy Teach me

I want to know what will make him only climax with me. Daddy knows I’m about to be his obedient girl. For instance, I let daddy realize I am all in and want to be his Submissive Incest Princess. It’s time for daddy to show me how to obey him. At the same time, he wants me to dominate other girls and show me how to switch. All in all, my only rule is that I’m submissive only for daddy and dominant for everyone else. I can do that. I’m down to dominate and be submissive. 

Our paradise is together.

Daddy has the best time with me. First and foremost, I learn to kneel for him and wear handcuffs for his likings. Daddy knows I’m well aware that I must greet him like a king. I’m all for him making me his fantasy. I’m ready to explore all of his cravings. After all, I’m addicted to his pleasure, and that brings me enough. Therefore, I yearn to be his Submissive Incest Princess forever.

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