Cum Eating is a good source of protein, but that’s not at all what got me started on it.  If you read my previous blog, you already know the naughty games my big brother and I play together.  Well, it only got HOTTER when he went to Las Vegas for the AVN Awards featuring Rick Ro$$ and Lil Wayne.

My brother was sitting front and center when I strutted my stuff in before the crowds.  Excitement built hearing them go nuts, but he couldn’t see WHAT, or should I say WHO was causing the ruckus.  Then, he saw ME…his baby sister wowing the crowd and his cock grew three sizes LARGER than I’d ever seen it.  I stomped, model-style, directly at him, then I dropped to my knees.

I gave him plenty of hot-sister head, but this time was so very different!  This time, he got it in front of a crowd!  My deft tongue slid with ease from his balls to his shaft and I scooped that shiny bead of pre-cum off the top! It was like something out of a Deadpool Sex Scene right down to the swallowing!  As a result, I’ll never look at Las Vegas Phone Sex the same way ever again!

Next year, we’re planning on going together, so we can show the Porn Industry HOW it’s REALLY DONE!  I’ll bet we take every award they offer and maybe make them CUM up with a few new awards just for us.  Maybe next year, I’ll see YOU in the crowd and quite possibly make you CUM onstage with us, so my man can make sure I’m DOING YOU RIGHT! Giggle

Just Joey, and ALWAYS JUST WHAT YOU WANTED MOST from a SEASONED WHORE like me! Ask my man!