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When a man wants to have sex… I get pretty happy about it, of course. But, sometimes he needs to do something more than just fuck me. Cum eating is what I love! Cum eating is absolutely fabulous and yummy. When I am filled with cum or when a guy just wants to jerk off for me.

I love watching men masturbate for me! Them jerking their dicks and moaning is so sexy and hot. They think I am just going to make them cum on their tummies or a picture of me.. or maybe, if they are with me, on my body. Haha! Oh, honey. I want to see you eat your own cum. That would make me happiest! Telling you to point your dick to your lips and shoot your load onto your tongue makes me so happy. Your face, as you swallow your wad in your mouth, is incredible!

You use my holes, front of back, and fuck them HARD. You pound my little pussy and I squirt onto your cock and balls. I know you want to blow your cum into me, don’t you baby? Are you ready for what’s to come? I make you cum inside of me, your cock twitches inside of me. You pull out of my cummy pussy and you wonder how I can clean it up! This is exactly where cum eating comes into play. Hehe! I grab you by the back of the head and force you between my legs.

“Open wide, big boy!” I push your mouth onto my cunt… you open your mouth wide. And have your taste of my cum filled pussy. Oh, and you fucking love it! You love the taste of your spunk.. especially when it’s inside of a tight young pussy. Lick me clean, now. Be a good boy!

I want you to call me with your cum eating stories, your fantasies, your secrets. Tell me! I won’t tell. 😉

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