Welcome to the cum eating manual, where you will learn how to make a CEI kit for your next fetish call.  The idea came to me after a lot of CEI Phone Sex frustrations. I want to clarify that these frustrations are not geared solely at CEI, but I have decided to focus on this first.  See, there are many different call types a phone sex goddess like myself can have over the course of 24 hours.  Not every call will go smoothly, but there are things that can help push the experience past these expectations.

Coming prepared is half the battle, boys.  If you say you like creative CEI calls, yet you have nothing around you to play with… That can lead the call to some awkward moments, which is not sexy.  I know you want these calls to go smooth as buttercream, baby.  So, I made a standardized CEI kit you can put together easily before your next hot call!

No Cum Eating Manual Is Complete Without The Basics!

I want to start by throwing out some damn good, traditional options to include in this CEI kit.  I think that anyone who likes cum eating instruction phone sex has these around their home, but they are still sometimes forgotten.  It often happens where a guy has these items but is unwilling to go grab them.  Speculation leads me to believe that there are other people home, making getting the item difficult.

Well, stop there because you must include these in your kit!  Just keep them ready nearby if you don’t want to rummage through your cabinets during the call. The first is containers.  I’m talking cups, mugs, bowls, anything that can hold a liquid.  These are essential props unless you want to stick to the boring caveman method of eating jizz off your tummy with your fingers.  Nothing wrong with that, but this manual is next-level shit.

The same goes for utensils.  You need a spoon! Eat your cum like a proper gentleman with a spoon and cum napkin.

An eyedropper is a fun and simple item to add to the CEI kit.  Usually looked at in medicinal light, no one will find it weird that you have an eyedropper in your shopping bag.  For us, it is an opportunity for kinky fun!

Good hygiene is important.  Make sure your pack a toothbrush!  After all that dirty talk, you will need to scrub your mouth out with cum.

Obviously, there are a lot of possibilities in the world of CEI, and this cum eating manual does not have it all, but I will continue growing this list.  When it comes to fantasy, there are so many levels of dirty.  Think of this as the first step to a much greater index in the future.

Keep Up With The Cum Filled Fun

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