A little cum eating makes Jack very excited to see me..

Cum eating always spices things up for me.. What’s that quote? All work & no play makes Jack a dull boy? Well, all work followed by a LOT of kink play makes my Jack a very mean Master. I love swapping around from dominant to submissive, but this specific fuckbuddy always makes me his slut. I can play mean, bratty, and sassy all I want.. He won’t let me be his Domme. He’s always in control, and reinforces it by making me lick up his cum every time we play. Even if I try being a little brat and pretending that I don’t want to.. He’ll grab a handful of my hair and force me down to lick it up, off his cock or wherever he squirted it.

He can be very, very mean.

Sometimes he makes it a point to squirt it on my tits, and make me try to lick it all off of them. He likes to sit back and record this part, specifically.. He gets a total kick out of making me know that I’m his submissive little slave girl. Sometimes he’ll even tie me up or cuff me – he knows I love and hate the cuffs, because they turn me on so much, but I fight them just as hard and end up with bruises. He loves feeding that little masochistic side of me, too. But he’ll get me restrained somehow and fuck all my holes relentlessly, all night. He’ll only take a break when he cums, and makes me sit there with it dripping from me, until he’s ready to go again.. And the show goes on and on, until he’s finally done. Guess whose job it is to lick everything up after our adventure? 😉

Come play with me. Your Taboo Phone Sex Princess

Craving a little taboo phone sex, baby? Tell me all the dirty little secrets you can’t tell anyone else..