Cum eating fetish is when you get turned on by eating cum.

Michael has a cum eating fetish. It doesn’t matter whos cum it is, he likes it. Or does it matter? Can I make him cringe at the thought of eating a guys cum out of my pussy? Will I find that guy that will really make him regret it? It started out where he would eat my pussy until I came all over his face and he would not stop until I was kicking him off. Then we kicked it up a notch and I would make him lick his own cum out of my pussy when we got done fucking.

He would fill my pussy with his creamy white cum.

When he was done I would climb on top of his face and make him lick every drop of his cum from my dripping wet pussy. One time he actually pissed me off so bad that I cheated on him then came home and made him lick me clean. Well, that was kind of a fail because he really liked it. On a mission to pay him back for making me mad,  I had to find the perfect guy to cheat on him with.

I found him, the perfect guy for cheating.

We made a date with him to meet at a hotel room. He was fucked like he’s never been fucked before. My plan is next to show up at Michael’s house and climb on top of him and fuck his face. Forcing him to lick every bit of cum dripping out of my pussy. When that is all said and done I got up to get dressed. Turning around I look at Michael and told him that his cum eating fetish allowed him to eat his sons cum from my pussy.

That’s right I fucked his son and made him eat the cum from me.

Cum eating fetish is not his only fetish. He has many more including a pantyhose fetish. Are you ready for some fetish phone sex? Call me,

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