Cum eating cuckold

I am a Cum eating cuckold and when my wife refused to fuck others I made it happen. you may have read about it the Cuckold arranging his Sleeping wife’s rape. .. Here is what happened that I did not tell you before…

With that, the man that was pumping her cunt began to fill her with his seed. I watched his ass tighten with each pulse of cum that he shot into her hairy fuck hole.

The other man wanted to cum all over her mouth and face, rather than fuck her sloppy seconds. I kept beating off my own cock as I thrilled while watching all the action.

My wife’s legs spread open and hot, thick, cum oozing out of her slit, fucked into her body by her horny stud. I knew there would be a lot for me to eat out of her.

The other guy moaned loudly and started pumping sperm into her mouth, as he pulled her head off of his cock, he continued to spray her pretty, sleeping face with his semen, getting it all over her eyes, her hair, and her neck.

I was too close to shooting my own load,

I wanted to save it for when It was my turn, so I quit jacking myself.

Both men thanked me as they put there spent cocks back into their pants, I promised them we would set this up again and try some other things with Karen’s body.

I walked them to the door and told them that this was all we could do for now as it was 11 pm, I figured there were only about 30 minutes left of safe time with her and I wanted my turn.

I didn’t want to press my luck with the drug wearing off by 12:30 or so. No reason to cut it close. They understood and left.

I went back to the couch and looked at my wife’s unconscious body. Sperm leaking out of her hairy cunt, sperm running down her face and all over her hair and neck.

I started rubbing my hard, throbbing cock all over her sperm covered face and tits. I got down on my knees and began licking the sperm off her eyes and face.

It was still hot and sticky with a slightly salty taste.

I was beginning to love the taste of sperm. Then I gently opened her mouth and started rolling my tongue all over her teeth and her tongue, feeding on the hot sperm that was waiting for me there.

I continued working my mouth over her body, moving to her cunt which was full and waiting for me. I’m glad the younger guy took her there; he had produced a huge load of his baby-making sperm into her.

And I wanted to eat it. I licked and sucked her hairy cunt, eating and swallowing his mating sperm from her. From time to time I would lick her leg and thigh as I could smell his scent on her.

Cum eating cuckold
Cum eating cuckold

I really loved the bitter taste of his sperm and I knew I would want more of it soon.

After cleaning out my wife and licking her clean, I picked up her panties and started to jack off my cock into them, right in front of her sleeping body.

I shot my hot cum into her panties,

blast after blast until they were drenched with my hot sperm. I fell back and lay there until I could regain my strength.

It was now 11:35 pm, time to dress Karen’s body, and put her to bed. The night was a truly successful one. I would only have to wait until the morning to make sure there were no bad effects.

I was going to be doing this again, now that I loved the taste of sperm, and had found a way to let other men use Karen’s body. Then I knew I was truly addicted to my new reality. The possibilities that were now running through my mind were overwhelming me.

I could do anything I wanted with her body, with anyone or anything.  That I could drug her anywhere and at any time. I would only have to get rid of Karen’s children anytime I wanted to drug her, not a problem.

I am having a hard time realizing all the possibilities at once. Karen has a daughter from another marriage. I have also fantasized about her little bitch getting some black cock up her little blonde pussy. hmmmmmmm. I need to proceed slowly with all of this. Also I need to stock up on that wonder drug “ghb”.

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Cum eating cuckold
Cum eating cuckold

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