Cuckold arranging his sleeping wife’s rape

I am an unfulfilled cuckold. So this cuckold arranged his sleeping wife’s rape. I had finally decided that since my wife refused to have sex with other men. Then I would have to drug her in order to live out my strongest fantasies.

I have always wanted to watch other men stick their hard cocks into her mouth and pussy. To watch as some guy would fuck her hairy cunt and then fill her with his hot seed. My second want was to be able to lick and suck that hot sperm out of her pussy. When her studs were finished mating with her.

My plan was set, I was going to use “ghb” to put her into a deep sleep. I had a few men lined up to fuck her unconscious body, while I watched and jerked myself off.

It wasn’t difficult to find someone that wanted to fuck her while she was passed out. I was going to enjoy watching her body being used by other men, to suck and fuck and fill with their hot sperm loads.

She is very hot in bed and likes to be fucked hard and fast.

She also likes it when I cum all over her legs and her belly. I have always tried to talk her into fucking other men, especially while in the act of fucking her, figuring that would get her to consider it. Try as I might, she would always say NO.

I have always wanted to watch her get fucked by different men, watching another guy use her for his pleasure, filling her with his semen, or jerking off all over her face.

Cuckold arranging his sleeping wife’s rape
Cuckold arranging his sleeping wife’s rape

I had been jerking myself off for years while I would fantasize about this happening to her. I knew I would have to make this a reality for me, even though she wouldn’t willingly cooperate.

So, I rented a movie that we could watch after dinner, something I knew she wanted to see. During that week, I had contacted a couple of men on the internet, who were interested in participating in my plan.

I had told them to be at my home by 10 pm on Friday night.

It was now 9:30 p.m., and she was out cold on the couch. I immediately shut off the TV and tried waking her. She was absolutely passed out, I yelled at her, pulled on her, even slapped her a little.

She was dead to the world. My cock was throbbing now as I waited for the men to come. I took off her blouse and her jeans so she was only wearing her bra and panties.

Then I uncovered her and opened her legs. I raised one leg up to the back of the couch and lowered the other leg to the floor. This way you could easily see her panty covered thick bush.

She looked as sexy as all hell.

Cuckold arranging his sleeping wife’s rape
Cuckold arranging his sleeping wife’s rape

I had all I could do not to take my cock out and jerk off right then and there. It was now 9:45 pm, almost time for the real show to begin.

While I was waiting for my wife’s studs to arrive, I got down by her and started to lick her legs and thighs. I stopped by her pantied cunt and sniffed her with my nose.

I could smell her female scent, but I continued licking her all over with my tongue. If 10 pm didn’t get here soon, I was going to lose my load!!

Finally, by 9:56 pm, the doorbell was ringing, my wife’s guests have arrived. I usher them right into the front room where my lovely wife’s body is waiting.

Both of the men are married, one of them is 23, the other is 50. My 33-year old wife is laying there, spread in her womanly glory for their viewing pleasure.

They know to begin whenever they are ready.

They each start feeling her up, kissing her mouth, sucking on her neck. I sat across the room and took my cock out of my pants and started to gently stroke it.

Cuckold arranging his sleeping wife’s rape
Cuckold arranging his sleeping wife’s rape

Each man was licking and sucking on her unconscious body. No one was talking, all that could be heard were the sounds of sucking. As each man opened his pants and let his hard cock out, they removed Dawn’s bra and panties.

One was now sucking her tits and rubbing his cock all over her face and the other was sucking and fingering her cunt while humping his hard-on all over her legs. I just sat there watching my greatest fantasy become reality, while continuing to play with myself.

After each man took turns devouring her body, one shoved his cock into her mouth and held her by her head so he could fuck her mouth. The other guy mounted her hairy cunt and started fucking her sleeping body.

Each man began grunting as they used their cocks on my wife.

Cuckold arranging his sleeping wife’s rape
Cuckold arranging his sleeping wife’s rape

I told them each to make sure they got from her the enjoyment they couldn’t get from their women and make sure they spermed a big load each for me to eat out of her and off of her.

With that, the man that was pumping her cunt began to fill her with his seed. I watched his ass tighten with each pulse of cum that he shot into her hairy fuck hole.

The other man wanted to cum all over her mouth and face, rather than fuck her sloppy seconds. I kept beating off my own cock as I thrilled while watching all the action.

My wife’s legs spread open and hot, thick, cum oozing out of her slit, fucked into her body by her horny stud. I knew there would be a lot for me to eat out of her.

The other guy moaned loudly and started pumping sperm into her mouth, as he pulled her head off of his cock, he continued to spray her pretty, sleeping face with his semen, getting it all over her eyes, her hair, and her neck.

I was too close to shooting my own load,

Cuckold arranging his sleeping wife’s rape
Cuckold arranging his sleeping wife’s rape

I wanted to save it for when It was my turn, so I quit jacking myself.

Both men thanked me as they put there spent cocks back into their pants, I promised them we would set this up again and try some other things with Karen’s body.

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Cuckold arranging his sleeping wife’s rape
Cuckold arranging his sleeping wife’s rape

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