Don’t be afraid of that hot creamy load.  Cum eating is just part of being a good little whore.

I have met far too many men who are simply terrified by the thought of cum eating. That is absolutely ridiculous, but of course, you won’t disappoint me, will you, Sissy?

I know that you are a good little slut and will gobble up every little morsel. You wouldn’t dare let a drop go to waste. You know better. I know you crave cum every bit as much as you crave a big, bulging, veiny cock. That’s right, sissy… I know all about your obsession with big dicks, but right now, we are focusing on that delicious, protein-packed, creamy load.

How many nights have you spent diddling your sissy clit thinking about milking every last drop of cum from a throbbing rod? I would bet quite a lot. It’s ok. You can’t help yourself. There is a drive deep inside you to please a worthy cock. I get it, babe. I go crazy for them too. So much power and strength. There is a raw magnetism to them. They draw little sluts like us in and make us worship them. We really don’t have any choice in the matter. We have to make them erupt like a fucking volcano and gleefully guzzle down that hot ropey jizz.

You need it.

I know you would never dream of letting that cum go uneaten. What a terrible waste that would be. I mean, you worked so hard to bring that delicious cock to orgasm, why on earth would you not enjoy the fruits of your labor? Finally, you find yourself glazed, and you just want to wipe it off with a tissue and flush it?  I don’t fucking think so.  Think of it as your lifeblood.  It gives you strength and brings you ever closer to the sissy slut you really long to be.

Open your mouth nice and wide, darling and get ready for a delicious and nutritious little treat, because you love cum eating and you know it, my little whore.

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