Any Open Minded Cum Eating Fanatics Out There?

I’ll never forget when I saw my first cum eating video.  The video showed a girl who was forced to take a bunch of cum from multiple men.  At first, she fought and protested, but as the movie played on, she began to like taking all their cum all over her and in her mouth.  There’s something so arousing about forced sex, even if it is a bit taboo.  We tend to gravitate towards something we want right out of our grasp.

Jenny and Kevin were an odd couple I knew in college.  They seemed to be happy together.  His girlfriend Jenny was very cute.  Jenny had beautiful eyes, nice curves, a round ass, and huge in-your-face tits.  One day I saw them at a party.  The lovebirds looked dressed to impress.  Those two were definitely a hot couple.  As the party got underway, things started to heat up.  I saw Kevin going around with a cup.  He would follow close behind Jenny making sure she was always in his sight.

My curiosity got the better of me and I asked them why they were going around with a cup. 

Jenny started giggling and confessed they were collecting cum for her to drink.  Now everyone confirmed Jenny and Kevin were an odd pair.  Guys eagerly stepped up to volunteer.  Most of the partygoers were drunk.  One guy stepped forward pulling down his drawers.  Without hesitation, Jenny got down on her knees and started blowing his cock.  He showed his pleasure by fucking her mouth hard.  She sucked and gagged on his thick cock.  It wasn’t the biggest cock in the room, but this cock had a nice thick head and base. Not surprisingly, the guy didn’t last too long!  When he was getting ready to shoot, Jenny gripped his shaft and stroked and watched as gobs of thick white cum streamed into the already white cup.

Jenny must have sucked and stroked at least fifteen nice cocks, but I’m sure there was a lot I didn’t see.  Kevin permitted Jenny to extract and milk their balls on condition that all the cum would end up in the cup.  Finally, the cup was filled!  I wonder how many guys contributed.?  Kevin screamed for attention, and the room hushed to a dull whisper.  By this time Jenny was fully trashed.  She stood on the table, her panties gone by this time.  The guys and girls cheered her on.  Taking a deep breath, she tilted her head back and gulped down the liquid.  Some dripped down her chin onto her big tits.

The look on Jenny’s face was priceless. 

The guys weren’t done with Jenny yet.  The converged upon her and laid her on the table.  She screamed and fought, trying to push away their drunken advances.  I was getting so hot watching what would be a great group event.  What a sinful party with all these hot college girls, guys, and of course cum eating Jenny.

I’m not done with you yet babe!  Get ready for dirty fetish phone sex!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke